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Friday, July 10, 2015

Long training day and lots of food

Today has been a day where time has just flown by like crazy. When it feels like 5 minutes has passed i've looked at the clock and realised that its actually been 45 minutes. Crazy!

I woke around 10am today which hasnt happened in a long time... i guess it felt good to sleep in my own bed! After that it was breakfast while cleaning my room which was an absaloute mess. Things everywhere!!! Which was followed by cleaning the kitchen, then a walk with the dog and then i walked to the gym where i did my own workout. Then my sister joined me and i did some pull ups and chin up practise while she warmed up and then an hour boxing training (which resulted in alot of laughter, dancing and singing with the songs and just lots of fun!) and then some monkey bars practise. After that we decided to walk home, but first i bought myself a bar because i had spent far longer working out than planned, and we didnt get home until 3.35pm and i had started walking to the gym at 11.45am... so all that time i had been active. But i didnt feel tired at all, i had so much energy! Thats the importance of eating enough - dont workout to eat. Eat to workout (or in actuality.. Eat to live. And if you enjoy working out/exercising, then that is part of living.) You need food no matter what you do... whether i sit in a car the whole day, just lie in bed all day or in cases like today where i do lots, i still make sure to get enough energy. There is no way i could workout so often if i didnt fuel myself properly, but also RESTING is essential. You wont see results if you are always at the gym and always breaing down your muscles.. they need rest and fuel to recover so that you get stronger and can keep progressing!

I have gotten alot of questions regarding my workout plan so i will write about that as soon as i can - and i will write a trigger warning at the top (and you will see what the post is about in the topic) so for those of you who find it triggering you can just skip that post :) And i am also going to write a post about summer training as it has been requested :) But i do try to keep my exercise posts to a minimum, as i know it can be triggering. But just giving you a warning for those of you who dont want to read about it!!

^pre workout

Post workout

When i got home i made myself a big late lunch followed by some more snacking, and this evening i am going to the cinema with my sister! We have gotten cinema tickets which expire today and we thought maybe we should watch 2 films - one after the other (because that is on my list of things to do) but then we realised we didnt have time for it as we were so late with everything. So instead we are just going to watch one... but not sure whether we are going to watch Magix Mike XXL or minions :) I want to watch minions but my sister wants to watch Magic Mike... though i amnt so bothered, so i am pretty sure we will see Magic mike :)

Tomorrow my plan is to spend the whole day just watching series and lying in bed, maybe baking and working out in the morning... but otherwise doing absaloutly nothing because right now i just want my bed and series! hahah


  1. How many calories do you reckon you have? An estimation? I'm just curious I don't mean to be intrusive x

    1. I don't count calories but guessing around 3000 +/- but it's different everyday. Some days I eat 3 times other times 7 times! !

  2. What is the best area/areas to live in Stockholm? Where would you like to have an apartment?
    How is swedish people attitude towards finnish people?
    Sorry for all the questions :)

    1. Hmmm, this kind of depends where you want to live/what youwant to live close to. Also about how much you can afford, because the closer to Stockholm the more expensive... but there are areas 10-15minutes from the central station which arent so expensive (or the average i guess). But it is very hard to get housing/apartments in Stockholm at the moment and it is very expensive.... which is the reason i am still living at home, even though i have wanted to move out since i was 16. I dont really know where i want to have an apartment, maybe where we lived previously. Because that was close to town as well as having the forest close by... but its pretty much the same where i live now as well :)

      Hmmmm, i cant really speak for everyone so i dont really know. Some may have a more negative attitude towards them, others more positive. I am part finnish so for me personallyi dont have anything negative against finnish people... or anyone to be honest :)

  3. Wow that your video looks awesome *_* I'm always afraid of working out too much, because I don't want to gain any weight :S Hate myself for my stupid thoughts, but whstever I love your body :)

    1. Hahah, it wasn't the best as it was at the very end of my workout so I didn't have so much energy, but I thought it might be fun to show. Thank you... not sure if you mean working out or eating too much? But if you mean eating, then you shouldn't worry about that. Your body needs energy!

  4. 20g protein in one bar :0 Isn't that a bit much? Why is building so much muscle so important? From what I understand the amount of protein you need a day is roughly that of your weight.

    1. I bought the bar because it's delicious, but of course protein and carbs are important after a workout as well :) I want to build muscle because I like being strong :) I like knowing I can do things, have energy and am strong. When you strength train it's suggest to have around 1-2 protein per kilo body weight. But I don't count calories or macros so don't know how much I consume ;) I eat things because I like them!! :)