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Monday, July 27, 2015

Is there a problem with selfies?

There seems to be an ongoing debate and very split opinions over whether selfies are good or bad. Or whether there is a problem with selfies or not. Some would say that selfies are egoistical and people who take alot of selfies are self centered and might even have a mental problem. And others say that those who take selfies are just confident and should be praised, that maybe they have had a past of hating themselves and can finally accept themselves and their bodies so why not take a selfie.

My opinion on this... I dont know. I am very split. Sounds hypocritcal right because I take alot of selfies. I dont deny this and that is why i am not going to say anything too bad about selfies because you know what, i dont see the problem with them. If you like taking selfies, Go for it. Its your face, your camera. You can do what you want and who cares what other people think.

But then i have this other part of me which thinks.... Taking alot of body pictures and doing so called "Body checks" that can't be so healthy either. And now... before i get 101 comments telling me i am hypocritcal and that i have done this, and at times still do it, let me continue first. 1)Yes i took alot of body photos before and uploaded them but the truth is, it became a sort of "must". I felt i had to, i had nothing else to upload and it was a way of body checking. Taking body pictures after every gym session....? The body doesnt change in a day, its not necessary. I didnt think it was so weird back then, but now i realise just how weird it was... and how maybe it wasnt the healthiest? Constantly checking my body in some sense, trying to have proof or validation that i looked ok. But now i rarely take pictures at the gym or trying to do 'body checks' (and yes, excuse the ones i posted a few das earlier... that was an exception.) Let me put it this way.... when i do take a "body/flexing" picture it is because i feel awesome in my body, there is a huge smile on my face and i think "i want to capture this moment" not the thoughts of "i have to take a picture now... i have to have proof that i worked out/have to show my body" type of thoughts.
Because i have done this, because i have taken alot of body pictures and have now moved on from that i can reflect on that time and think... maybe it wasnt the healthiest. I mean there are thousands of people who do that online, always posting alot of body pictures. And i get it, if you have an Instagram account with 100k + followers and people follow them for their body, well then its sort of their job to post body pictures, if that is what they have choosen anyway. But then there are some who might just post lots of pictures of themselves to body check....  and it might not be the healthiest thing.

As i am writing this post i am struggling to formulate myself properly, because i dont want to attack or judge people, that is NOT what i am doing here. Instead i am writing MY thoughts and MY opinions. And of course, there will be readers who have their thoughts and their opinions about me, but that is why i am trying to word this properly. I am not calling anyone out or judging anyone, because YES,i  have taken alot of body photos the past few years. Do i think it was a healthy behaviour... no, now i dont personally think it was. At the time i could not see that though. However, i do still take some body pictures at times... i mean if i feel like taking a photo will i am wearing a sports bra and shorts i will... but it is not for the same reason as before where it was a sort of body checking. And of course, i still take lots of selfies and full body pictures for my blog. I LIKE having pictures, and i dont think there is a problem with selfies in general or having pictures because i love pictures and showing what i am doing, where i am etc etc
  What i think there might be a problem - for some - is the body checking pictures. If everyday you take a picture of yourself in the mirror, or take a picture trying to flex your abs each day... then there might be a problem. Hopefully you can understand the difference in what i am trying to write.

That constantly body checking might not be signs of the healthiest behaviour or mindset. Though who knows... if like mentioned above, you post things for followers sake then it might not be the same thing... but once again, it might be a bit of a "must". I mean this is similar to me posting food pictures, because that is what my followers want, so once again you might analyze that and see food pictures as an unhealthy behaviour. Who knows maybe in a few years time i will look back on now and think it wasnt a healthy behaviour. But i know that i like taking food pictures and making food look good is actually alot of fun (but eating it is 10 times better!). Anyway, this took a turn.....

As mentioned, its hard to forumlate myself properly, but maybe if you are someone who takes alot of body checking selfies all the time, think over why you do it.... do you even use the photos for anything? It doesnt have to be an unhealthy behaviour, but for some it might be and sometimes you need a little reminder of things to make you think about what you do and why.

What is your opinon on selfies/body checking selfies? Good or bad or just no opinion at all. (And to clarify... To each his own. Meaning, you can do what you want, so if you enjoy selfies, take selfies, if you dont then dont!)

^^Its too many of these selfies which might not be a good thing... once in a while, because sure i still take them like once or twice a month or less, but everyday.... is it really necessary?


  1. what is the definition of 'healthy' anyway?

    1. Thats a good question, i guess it depends in what way you are looking at it. Because health is individual, and you cant just look at one person and see one behaviour and suddenly call them unhealthy. For example, someone eating vegan doesnt make them unhealthy but if they are lacking nutrients because of their diet or they only eat vegan because of food fears and anxities, then their behaviour/diet might not be healthy. (Just an example)... and if someone's job is to take body photos/selfies then that doesnt make it unhealthy, not necessarily anyway, but if someone takes 50 body selfies per day just to check how their body looks or to upload loads of those photos for validation/likes and they do it for certain reasons then it might not be a very healthy meaning mental healthy behaviour. But i dont really know, everything is individual and based on other things as well. So like mentioned, you cant just look at one behaviour and say its unhealthy, because health is individual.

  2. Once I read an article saying that selfies were a way of boosting people's self confidence because once they uploaded them they would get likes as a short way to confidence via reassurance... thinking back on that article it might be a little too far fetched. everyone takes selfies, I remember I took them with my friends when i was like 9 just to have a memory, before it was even a thing. I like taking selfies, i just dont like when people retouch them, and i dont mean filters but like a photoshop kind of deal... apparently now really famous "instagrammers" do this. so yeah... I honestly think that even with stuff like this, moderation is key!

    1. Too much of anything is never good, but i dont think there is so much a problem with normal selfies, i mean i would basically be saying i have a problem then, haha. As i do take regular selfies (for my blog and such). But i think when it comes to body checking selfies, then some might have a problem with that. But maybe not, because for some that is their job... and i dont want to judge anyone, i have done the same thing, so this is just me reflecting and thinking.

  3. I think you should be proud of your body and looks and should feel confident taking pictures of yourself. You should feel pleased when you look pretty or see progress in pictures. Selfies are a good thing once in a while. As long as they don´t take over your life. As long as you don´t spend hours taking and editing pictures of yourself and then spend more hours worrying and checking what others think about them.

  4. I am a big selfie taker and I will admit in the past I thought it was such a superficial thing that people who had nothing better to live for but their looks did, but although I am a selfie taker I can honestly say that I am NOT confident in my body and I take them in order to learn to love myself. To look at them and say, "Hey, I actually don't look like a monster with my freckles and I like my eyes." Or if you dressed up prertty for a day, you want to feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin and if you want to do that then there's nothing wrong with taking selfies. It's also love being silly and taking selfies whilst I'm being absolutely ridiculous. And hey, it's not like I post or send the selfies to every person on Facebook or whatever. EVERYBODY takes selfies, whether they want to admit it or not, and it's NOT because they're narcissistic, trust me, I have the worst self-esteem ever, but I'm learning to love myself. My dad is 67 and has just started playing around with selfies... Although he's terrible at taking them and I just get a "nostrils from down below" view. But it's just fun to do anyway. :)