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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I am in charge of how i feel today and i choose happiness

Hello :)

The title doesnt have so much to do with my actual post, it was just that i didn't know what to title this post and so i found this and thought..." hey, thats a pretty good reminder!".  So before i begin my actual post, remember.... always choose happiness and positivity. Even in the rough times, focus on being happy and positive!!! It's a good thing to prioritize in your life :)

My day today has been quite good, i really havent done so much!!
   I began my morning with a long run, the first time in several months. I did alot of running in spring and alot of distance running and it took it's toll on my body, so a weeks rest lead to two weeks rest from running and lead to months rest... or maybe one or two runs, but not having any motivation for running. And i have been ok with that. Because this is what happens with me, first i do lots of running because i love it and its all i want to do, but then my body gets tired and i lose motivation to run. And instead of panicking about it i say, thats ok, i will do another form of exercise until i feel motivated to run again, and then whether its one week, 4 weeks or 16 weeks later my running motivation comes back again and then its just to begin running again! Maybe not the best thing to do if you want to focus on improving speed or endurance, but that isnt my goal. I run just because i enjoy it, so when i dont enjoy it or dont feel like running, then i dont. But this morning i felt like it and it went great... well, my lungs had a few panicked moments when they were wondering what the hell i was doing, because i have barely done any cardio the past few weeks!!! So they wanted to give up every second minute the first half hour, hahaha.

^^I get the feeling that i wasnt running at a pace of 18.9km/hr... hahah, more like 5km/hr, it was not fast at all today... but maybe i'm wrong, maybe it actually was around 12-13km/Hr XD

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Then i did some blogging and ate some chocolate while i waited for my boyfriend to wake up and then a second breakfast in form of watermelon and quark!!

A short while later, after doing absaloutly nothing i had to go to a doctors appointment, however the bus was almost half an hour late. The inner stress building up inside of me.... if there is one thing i can get extremely irritated over is late buses/trains. Or well, late people in general... i am very punctual and being late is the worst thing i know, and rarely have patience for late people. So as i stood at the bus station the inner stress began gnawing away in me especially as there was nothing i could do. All i could do was stare at my mobile and see how the minutes ticked by and i knew i was going to be late. But i called the clinic and it was ok that i was late, so when i finally arrived i ran like a crazy person and wasnt as late as i had thought, luckily!!!

And then home to my place and await my parents arrival, hahaha. Otherwise i have an extremely sick feeling in my stomach, where i feel hungry but just the thought of food makes me feel a little queasy, but at the same time all i want to do is eat. Its a horrible feeling. Like when you have a stomach illness and you want to eat, but your body is basically telling you no... though its not a stomach illness, i'm not really sure what it is. Maybe stress.....

Anyway, too much babbling!! :)

Is there anything which really annoys or irritates you? :)

How has your day been? :)


  1. I hope you will feel better soon :) one thing that irritates me the most is people on the internet (instagram to be exact) who claim they are recovering from an ED but are actually losing weight and simply doing it all for attention

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Just this morning I felt extremely nauseous and uncomfortable yet sort of hungry at the same time.
    I love your intuitive approach to exercise and how you only run when you feel passionate about it as opposed to feeling like you have to do it or else <3.