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Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to eat enough/get enough energy when it's warm

It's not uncommon that warm weather can lead to lack of appetite and feeling less hungry. The warmth can make you feel more tired as well, though you might also find yourself being more active during summer which in turn means you need even more food. But you struggle to eat the same amount you usually do.

I feel the same way during summer... my activity increases but my appetite decreases which isn't a good combination if weightloss is not needed.

My suggestion is to eat alot of:

Dried fruit
Make smoothies/milkshakes
Drink juice
Make pasta/couscous/bulgur salads
Make/Buy potatoe salad
Overnight oats
Cold pasta salad
Lots of fruit
Nut butters
Make mini pancakes
Ice cream/banana ice cream
Fruit salad
Granola with milk
Granola bars/home made granola bars
Raw food bars/Raw food balls
Raw food cake (seriously, soo good when its warm!!)
Greek yoghurt (i find this is much easier to eat than quark or other yoghurt when its warm outside)
Cold sweet potatoe fries
Cold potatoe wedges
Taco salad/tacos
Cold chickpea burgers etc

Make cold dishes as its easier to eat. Eat foood higher in calories so that you dont have to eat as big portions as that can be tough. The important thing is to try your best to get enough energy, maybe change how you eat... i.e if you find it easier to eat more in the evenings then do that, or eat small but frequent meals or eat few but large meals. Find what works for you, just dont skip eating because you lose your appetite. That won't help anything!!

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