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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Going back to old food favourites

Good morning :)

As you might know by now and have seen from my food pictures that i eat foods in 'phases'. I find a certain food or food combo which i love and then that is all i want to eat for 3 months straight and sort of forget all my old food favourites. Which is why it seems like i dont vary alot... because i dont feel the need to vary when i enjoy what i am eating. But today in my cfood creativity due to lack of food in the household i remembered my old favourite, chocolate oats!! Mix 2dl oats, an egg white, 1tsp crushed psyllium seeds, as much cacao powder as you like and plenty of water (especially if you add the crushed psyllium seeds... this makes the oat sort of jelly like, but gives you so much more volume!) and then i made some proteinfluff with the last of the frozen berries, and because i had no more egg whites it didnt really fluff as much as it usually does!! And then i made myself some home made hot chocolate with cacao powder, 2 shots of esperesso & hot water (though tastes best with hot milk) & a little milk. (and if you have add sugar or sweetner, otherwise it can be a little bitter. But i had neither at home :/)

(I was too full to eat the egg.)

This was the perfect start to my day and has given me so much energy! So first it's a short walk in the rain with Daisy, then a trip to the gym followed by making sure the house is clean, then if i get time try to answer some emails and questions. Then this evening i am going out to dinner with my boyfriend! It also turns out that we have been dating for 6 months now... almost exactly, hahah. I dont actually keep track of the time, i dont think that is necessary or important. There is no point counting days, when you should just enjoy the time spent together which is the most important. But i was scrolling thorugh my facebook profile and saw the "in a relationship with X" post and realised just how quickly the time has passed. It's strange to think that we met when it was all cold and grey and winter and he has seen me when i have been super stressed due to school. When i have been sad and had my low moments, when i've just wanted to dig myself in a hole and never get up. But he has stuck around even if i have had my highs and my lows. But everyone has ups and downs, and you cant always be super positive, even if i try to be!!

Anyway, that is my day and today my sister is coming home form her trip and tomorrow my parents, so won't be lonely anymore!!! I didn't think i would miss them so much, but i have. Its usually the person who is left at home which misses the other person/people, but the person/People on holiday never relaly miss the person at home as they are so busy ding things and seeing new things. But soon its my time to travel, in September i am going to Lisbon and i am super excited :) It will be nice to travel and leave the country as i havent done that for a very long time now!!

(Pictures from Google!)

I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Hi Izzy! I am from Lisbon! :) So good to hear that you are coming here! If you want any advice / tips just let me know.
    Have you already have plans?

  2. ah lisbon looks brill, something to look forward to and will be so nice to be able to enjoy it without ed in tow. you deserve lovely time for all ur hard work and for helping us all too xxx ps. can i ask when you have your egg at breakfast do you just have the white or whole egg (I'm looking at breakfast additions which is why i ask) x

  3. It is so very important that you tell me how to make protein fluff. Looks so yummy! haha XD