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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Feeling like you need to eat less than others - going home to eat more because you aren't satisfied

I think we've all had times when we've felt embarrassed about the ain't we eat. Feel like you need to defend yourself or you've gotten comments about the amount you eat. Those comments can be off putting and make you feel like you shouldn't eat the amount you want because you will be judged. You feel like you need to eat a tiny amount so that people won't judge the amount you eat or just because that makes you feel better about yourself (according to your eating disorder) because you ate less than everyone else.

Some people judge you or make a comment when you eat what is deemed like "alot" in their eyes,but they are just stupid and it's those types of comments you should just disregard completely. For me, one of the catalyst factors for my eating disorder was getting a comment about my food intake and it's been one of the things I have struggled alot with during and after recovery.  But can now mostly shake those off and not care about them. Eat the amount I want because I don't care what others think.  Everyone is different and we all have days we are extra hungry and you need 3 portions before you feel full. And there is nothing wrong with that, what is wrong is eating little because you are scared of being judged and then going home and eating lots because you weren't filly satisfied. That is not normal!!!! I have done this alot in my life because I have been too scared to eat the amount I wanted, of course at times it happens when you just can't eat the amount you want because there is not enough food or the food you got served was very little.  So that's different,but purposely only eating half your plate so that it seems like you don't eat alot is just silly. ....  you don't need to deny yourself food.  You don't need to be ashamed of eating, your body needs food. And don't  care what people think about you or your intake. 

Unfortunately, there will be people who judge. ... but they shouldn't matter.  It takes time to learn to not care about other people's opinions. To learn to feel relaxed around food and eat the amount you need. You are NOT a better person or  a stronger person for eating less. If anything you are being silly and/or stupid for only eating a small amount and then eating more secret.  That is not healthy behaviour.... and  don't take that as being mean, but I'm being honest... I've done it myself,  far too often in my life. But it's not a healthy behaviour or mindset. Dealing with food comments is hard, it takes time but learn to shrug them off and not care, because unless they are comments to help you then they are irrelevant. Focus on what your body needs  not what some people think of your food intake. 

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  1. I blog about this topic often as well! Sometimes when I go out with other people and try to eat a 'normal' amount, I often times come home and find myself eating so much more! It definitely helps to not restrain yourself when you're out, and it definitely should not matter what other people may think!

    1. Yes exactly, not restricting yourself when you are out!! People will always judge and have opinions, but you need to focus on yourself and what is best for yourself. Though it takes time to learn to not care what others think or say!

  2. I like to serve other people with lots of food so that I can feel better because I ate lesser than them. I know how weird this is but I can't seems to control my thoughts. Is this a sign of eating disorder.. I really wish that I can change. I get mad and feel guilty when someone eat lesser than me..