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Monday, July 13, 2015

Feeling like an unproductive day

Today has felt like a super unproductive day - like all i have done is eat, which pretty much is the case XD But both my body and mind have just said 'no' today... i guess that's what happens when you dont sleep enough. Though i can also blame it on new medication i am taking which leads to extra tiredness, moodswings etc I feel how everything just seems much harder at the moment, how leaving the house takes so much more effort than normal, just because of the meds :/ Ohh well, it's jsut to do the best i can living life even if it means feeling a little extra tired and unmotivated to anything at the moment.
   Which also leads me to... emails, i am sorry but i havent really been replying recently.  Life has gotten in the way, if its not one thing its the other. I used to spend several hours a week replying to emails and i would feel guilty if i didnt reply to someones email. But ive come to the realisation that i just dont have the time to answer all emails, especially not as so many emails i get require 20-30 minutes to answer just one email. And i need to read your whole lifestory and lots of questions, and i dont mind helping or answering emails. But it can be very hard to answer so many emails when many of the questions are the same and the answers can be found on my blog. I really do want to help everyone and answer every email, but it is just too time consuming. So i try my best, but remember that i am only human... each answer is personalized and i spend time trying my best to give the best answer possible. Instead, it can be helpful to try to find the answer on my blog or leave a short comment with your questions as it is much easier to answer then :)

Anyway, back to my main topic (the above was just something i felt i needed to repeat and get out of my head, because i always feel so guilty for not being able to reply to everyone, but it feels better when i atleast write it out on my blog so that hopefully people who have sent me emails read it and realise that i am not ignoring you i just dont have the time or energy for each email.).
   Finally after 2pm i managed to leave the house and make my way to the library in town where i borrowed a few books - ones about nutrition, health and eating disorders. Going to do some reading of those, and also borrow one of Jodi Picoults' books when they are back in the library :)

And then i made my way to my boyfriends house where i am now, waiting for him to finish work. Eveyrthing has felt alot harder today and my energy is at bottom so it will be nice to just do nothing this evening.

Below... a few (and note it is a few... i am pretty sure i ate a persons daily intake before 12pm haha)


  1. I definitely have these type of days, and it is sometimes hard for me to not beat myself up about not being 'productive'. However sometimes resting is the most productive things you can do. I find that when I am tired, it is pretty much a waste of time to try to do anything.. the simplest tasks will take me hours XD.

    1. I know the feeling... i hate when i am not productive, but its important to learn to be ok with having days where you dont do much. I definitely need to learn that its ok as well!

  2. Do you have an instagram and if so do you let your readers follow you ?

    1. I have a private one but i dont use it so much and then i have another one which is more focused on food and training, but i dont publish the username on here, so if you want to follow me there you can email me :)