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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Extreme heat and busy all day

Hello :)
  At the moment i am sitting on the ground in my room with music playing in the background, a glass of ice cold pepsi Max and another glas with BCAAs, and am trying to not overheat from the extreme heat outside. I am not going to complain about the sun or the warmth, because there are far too many people doing that at the moment. They complain when its cold, when its raining, when its snowing and now when its sunny and warm.... They never seem to be pleased. Or maybe they are just people who love to complain about everything? I dont see the point in complaining and avoid doing it as much as i can, so instead i am enjoying the sun, because before we know it, it will be winter and cold again.

This evening i finally got around 8 hours sleep and it felt so good. I woke up after around 6 hours of sleep and felt half awake, thinking should i get up.... but then i told myself that i needed sleep, that even if i could have gotten up and had energy it was better to atleast try to sleep a little more... and so i did for another 2 hours. Though when i woke up i just felt disorientated and more tired! XD

After breakfast which was a simple breakfast because i dont like oatmeal or dairy when its warm, instead all i want is fresh fruit and vegetables... i dislike eating cooked meals or warm food when its so warm outside. (A post about how to eat enough when its warm outside, is coming up soon :) )

Then i headed to the gym where i did a short and light workout (can say that my new workout program has helped me alot with my mobility and strength. Feeling so much stronger and each workout is going super as well as lots of progress already!) before walking to the nearby shopping centre to buy a sleeping bag (and bought some colouring pens - read below!). Then i walked to the food store to buy some of the fresh fruit - raspberries, strawberries and watermelon!! Bought quite a bit so that it will last, as fruit is the best thing in this weather :)
Finally i was home again and then i had some preparations to do, followed by writing blog posts (trying to answer most of your questions, though unfortunatly i am not sure if i will get around to answering them all.... i only have a certain amount of time to actually write posts). And its only now at 6.25pm where i can sit down and do something other than "musts" and "Have to's". Though i am not going to make this day seem like it was stressful, because it really wasnt.... walking out in the sunshine wearing shorts, i loved it. Working out is also awesome, buying fresh fruit, sitting out in the sunshine and writing blog posts and taking pictures.... that is not a problem, that is just fun :) So it has been a really good day :) This evening i am going to finish watching my current series and have a relaxing evening for myself :)

I hope you have all had a lovely Thursday :)

(Packing with me colouring pens and colouring sheets as a way to keep myself entertained during the hours spent in the car or just lying on the beach. But also i have promised my boyfriend to atleast try to stop biting my nails and colouring a great way for me to release stress and anxiety (which i might experience a little of during my time away, though i hope not!) as well as a way to keep me from biting my nails. Though i am planning on buying some type of stress ball or something which i can have with me for when i feel like biting my nails. Its a tough habit to stop after doing it for pretty much my whole life and nothing has stopped me before. Ive tried the weird tasting nail polish, plasters, tying my hands/fingers together, gloves, getting the 'facts' about biting my nails etc etc, but still i havent been able to stop.... but someday i hope i can :) )

^Found the perfect coffee cup... (it was actually a mixing bowl XD)

Îf you're feeling sad, look at this cute monkey :)


  1. I have bitten my nails all my life too - it's a bad habit, that I have when I am stressed.

    I may try colouring too.. I have tried everything {nail polish, sitting on my hands, gloves etc.}.. keep trying!! :)

  2. Yes, I cannot wait for the post about how to eat enough when it is warm outside! I live in a very hot climate and was doing really great, even starting to eat to my natural hunger signals and ignore calories. But then the weather got so warm that it's hard to have an appetite.