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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Being in recovery is not the same as being recovered

A reminder which i want to give you all who are in recovery is that - You are not like normal people or everyone else.

The same rules dont apply to you. There are certain general rules which are given to normal, healthy people to help them maintain their weight and to live a healthy balanced life. Among some of those rules is to not eat if you arent hungry, to not drink your calories and to try to get regular exercise... amongst other guidelines. These however, DONT apply to you if you are recovering from a restrictive eating disorder.
   Then actually its helpful to drink your calories and your body needs rest so the regular exercise isnt needed and not eating if you arent hungry... well you need to eat anyway. If you want to eat ice cream 5 days a week.. do that. There is no problem with that. And generally speaking, if its not a binge there is no such thing as too much in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder. However if you begin binge eating, then its not good to go overboard and just eat and eat and eat.

In recovery you need to face your fear foods, you need to eat more of certain foods. Of course overoding it isnt good, but your body might be calling for chocolate 5 times a week because it knows that you need energy and that is ok. Those cravings should balance themselves out, the important thing though is to NOT replace your normal meals with chocolate/ice cream/cake etc instead eat those as EXTRA. You want some chooclate, then eat it after lunch or WITH your normal snack, dont replace your normal meals with that type of food.   Though it also depends on whether you need to gain weight or not, but you need to learn to not compromise just because you eat something which you deem as less healthy or a fear food.

Its easy though to want to follow the 'guidelines' which everyone else does, but they dont apply to you. Instead you need to focus on doing the opposite, almost. Of course if the only thing you are eating and drinking is 2500kcal worth of ice cream, orange juice and chocolate then that might not be the best for your insides. But im guessing that not alot of people recoverin from an eating disorder do that....
  But you need to remember that different rules apply to recovery. You dont need to worry about the latest diet or eating low carb or intermittent fasting etc you just need to focus on eating your fear foods, eating enough and regularly and gaining weight if necessary.

And yes, you can still eat all those types of food after you have gained weight!! Just in different amounts, you begin to find more balance.


  1. Please could you write a post on how to find the balance between food when you have gained weight and want to maintain? How to still eat the foods you love without guilt or gaining even more weight? I'm scared that I'm just going to keep gaining more and more and more.... How do you know when you've had enough? Or when you've gained enough weight? Would really appreciate your help

  2. I have some posts below which might help you: