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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hello :)

   At the moment i am sitting on the train on my way back to Stockholm. It has been a super wonderful day spent in Gothenburg - photos about my day at a type of 'zoo'/science place as well as fro yo out in the sun will be up later today :)

But i thought i would spend the rest of these 2,5 hours on the train scheduling a weeks worth of posts (so like 20-30 posts ;);) ) for next week as i will be away then and as we are going to be in Norway, likely i wont have any internet access and likely no way to charge my computer or phone anyway. So i thought i would write some posts for each day anyway :)

So its just to ask me questions... take your chance now :) Or about topics because then i can try my best to write about them :)

Ask random questions, personal questions, recovery questions, topics etc etc


  1. Are you going to Norway?:)Where in Norway and what are your plan? :)

    1. We're going to be camping :) Not sure where, but i am guessing the south part as we are driving.. but i think we will drive around Norway :)

    2. Cool :) I will be at my cabin next week. It is such a beautiful place, in general but for camping also. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want any tips about traveling in norway. Also, you are very welcome to stop by if you want to (of curse with the ones you are traveling with). it will be me, my mum and dad. They are so cool, chill and welcoming. No pressure, just know that you are welcome :)

  2. Can you write a post about feeling the 'need' to eat? Like if you ate less during the day you think that it's ok to have something else at think that you 'can' have something and so in a way feel forced and have to do it. Even if your not hungry at all, you still have something because you 'can'. Does thag make any sense at all?

  3. Love how your boyfriend is slowly being introduced in the pics, it is so cute! Can you answer more questions about what you plan for yourself in the future? Such as your job, schooling, etc?

  4. 1. What should I do if I don't feel hunger at all? And I haven't done it in 2 months.
    2. How can my period come back? Do I need to gain weigh, eat something special etc
    3. Tell us about your first summer as recovered, aka showing yourself in bikini and so on
    4. What's your fave books?
    5. Do you've siblings?

  5. Hey Izzy I loove your blog soo much it has helped me A LOT! Anyways I wanted to ask you to write about the topic: friends. I am 8th grade(going into 9th) and in the beginning of the year I was at my lowest weight and I didn't know anyone except for 1 person. I was in my worst times of anorexia so I was extremely unsociable and didn't talk AT ALL! Once I began eating well, gained weight and started thinking straight I wanted to make friends desperately! But NO ONE knows about my ED( I recovered on my own,actually still recovering) . I started to talk more and want to go out more because in summer I always relapse really bad... but everyone is already in a ''group'' and no one lets me in :'( . Actually 1 girl I know also has an ED(she doesn't know that I know) and I really want to talk to her about it because literally no one knows about my ED and it is EXTREMELY hard for me :( I want to go out and laugh with friends,share secrets,etc. but I don't have any friends..on top of that I am VERY shy but I am not awkward and I can keep a conversation but that's it and no one invites me out after...I always have to text first so I feel terrible. Do you have any advice for me? Than you in advance! xx

    1. Hello, I am sorry about your struggles. But it is great to hear that you are recovering and getting better!!

      This post might help you: It can be tough trying to socialize again, but do text others and make plans. You arent being a burden, some people just arent good at actually making plans with others. Instead be the person who does that... or try to find new friends if the people you are with now arent that great friends :)

  6. Just checking in to say hello and send a smile :) Have a great trip!! ♥xx

  7. Hello! I have three questions I am hoping you would answer.

    1: I am off school for the summer but I still love to exersice! So I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, I try to make it three but sometimes I get busy :( so my question is, is working out for an hour and a half (cardio, + about half an hour of weight lifting) 2-3 times a week ok for a 14 year old girl? I also walk a lot (after every meal) and sit maybe 2-4 hours a day.

    2: I do love to exersice and I know that I need energy in order to do it, but I cannot eat ANYTHING 3-5 hours before exercising (except for juice) or I get sick! The result being I usually don't get enough calories beforehand to energize me and I feel like a zombie instead of feeling energized like I should be afterward! Is there anything you recommend that I could do? Or is this just the way I am? I feel great whilst doing the exersice but it's just the way I feel afterwards that is bad :(

    3: I am fully recovered for 5-6 months (from Ana) and I usually lose 2 pounds or gain 2 pounds over the course of the week but it always goes right back to normal after a few days. Should I worry or is this normal?

    I would like to thank you for being such and inspiration to recover! You're words are always very inspiring! All the best xo

  8. 1. Do you still like reading books?

    2. How do you deal with people (e.g. friends) judging people who suffer from an ed. Last week I heard somebody say: "this ugly anorexic girl" and I was quietly shocked.

    3. What do you think about the saying "time heals"?

    4. Have you talked with A about your past after it became clear that he knew about it? Has it chanhed sonething between you (since that was a fear of yours if I remember correctly)?

  9. Hi Izzy :) are you checking your mail? I sent you one and you dont answer me yet

    1. At the moment I'm not really answering my emails as I don't have the time for it. So its best if you comment here if you have any questions or try to search my blog for some posts /answers that could help :)

  10. Hey Izzy,
    I've been recovering from orthorexia/anorexia for about 5 months now. I find that I get really bad stomach pains if I eat anything with margarine/butter/oil etc. For example, I had some of my brother's leftover popcorn and I didn't realize he had but margarine on it. I ate it, but had a horrible stomach ache for about an hour. Will these feelings go away the more I try and incorporate these foods into my diet?

  11. I've just been discharged from outpatients but live in quite a triggering environment and have a lot of weird things going on family wise. I feel a bit like I am starting to relapse as my thoughts are worse and i have started to follow them rather than fight as usual. My feel more compulsed to exercise and have begun to eat 'healthier' again. I told my dad and got back on track but something just doesn't feel right. I have started to feel really anxious but I can't pinpoint the reason. Could you write about something along these lines.
    2. How you coped with moving countries/ cities etc. My family moved from uk to the other side of the world 10 years ago and I feel very lonely and sad missing my cousins, aunty, uncles, grandparents. I think the move contributed to my eating disorder as I changed my focus onto my weight and diet to distract from these feelings.
    3. On a good note would you recommend online dating! ;)

  12. How do you avoid stress? Do you make calendars to get an overview for example.
    Do you think you get enough sleep on a daily basis? When I stardet sleeping 8,5 - 9 hours every night, I became this whole new person: I felt so de-stressed, energetic, positive! It's scarily true what they say about the imbortance of sleep for psysical health <-- too little sleep over long time can cause psychological issues, like eating disorders too! To refuse people of getting sleep was used as a torture method before!!
    Is it true that having a sexual relationship with someone gives you a brand new type of confidence in your self and your own body (generally speaking, but feel free to add personal opinion if that's not too "much")

  13. Have you ever had strangers comming up to you to get your autograph, have your picture or just to talk (I mean readers of your blog, not just people ;) )

  14. Hi Izzy, I would be very grateful, if you could write something about how anorexia has damaged your hair. Since I was a teenegaer, my hair have been falling off excesivelly but it became even worse now when I suffer from anorexia. But your hair now looks amazing, strong and healthy. Are you using some treatment? Oils? Vitamins? Or is that just a result of healthy eating and sufficient income of nutrients? Does it get better when I gain weight or the damage is permanent and I cannot do anything about it? Thank you in advance for your response!
    Have a lovely day!

  15. Hi Izzy, I was just wondering if you could write another post on embracing your body at it's natural set point. I am, right now at a BMI of 19 and am at a weight that I told myself I would NEVER be, half a stone heavier than my 'target' lowest weight set by my therapist last year...However, I am really trying to stay positive and not restrict, as I feel that I am eating enough for my body (and I have a busy job as a waitress). I do not know yet if my weight has stabilised, and I'm really scared xxxxx

  16. Hi Izzy! First of all, my english is not so good, i'm from Argentina :)

    I want to start telling you my situation: i'm 14 years old, i'm recovering from anorexia (i'm in the "half recovery", and that really frustrates me, this part of recovery is really hard for me), i still underweight and i don't have my period back yet).

    I write this to tell you about an insecurity that i have. In so many recovery/health blogs i see this "listen to your body" thing, you know, eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full, eat what you crave in a healthy range, etc. Well, that's triggering for me, because i feel so insecure, i don't know if i'm able to listen to my body yet, and not listen to my body gives me guilt. I have two principal doubts:

    -Can i listen to my body by eating the things that i crave? As i said above, i still underweight, lately is so hard for me to gain weight, and my body is screaming for food (i dream with food, i look for recipes obsessively), but my ED doesn't let me feed my body as needed. Lately i crave sugary, "high calorie" food (ice cream, dark chocolate, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate milk, nutella, cake, some types of cookies, etc), before i was sick i wasn't a sweet tooth girl, but now i crave them a lot, and that scares me. It scares me because i don't know if i can eat that foods when i crave them, i don't crave them in a extrem way, but if i eat them when i crave them, that mean eating that type of foods 1-2 times per day. Can i eat that quantity of those foods very often without restrict in carbs/sugar/fat grams?

    -Can i listen to my body by following my hunger cues? I mean, eat when i'm hungry, stop when i'm full, eat just when i'm physically hungry, etc. You need to know that my hunger cues still working bad, my metabolism isn't recovered, generally i feel full by eating a medium-small amount of food, and i barely get hungry even after four, five hours or more. If i eat following my hunger cues, maybe i eat lunch and not eat anything until evening, but i know that i can't starve my body 9/10 hours, my body need that energy from food in the afternoon! So i eat an afternoon snack, obviously. But i feel insecure about it. It's okay to not eating following my hunger cues when my metabolism isn't recovered yet? Do i need to establish approximate hours for my meals until my hunger cues work good again?

    Maybe my questions are a little bit obvious, but i really need someone to give me words that help me feel more comfortable with my doubts and fears. Oh my god, recovery is hard! But i'm sure it's worth :) Keep blogging, it really motivates me :) Thanks for your time <3

    1. A post about recovery is coming up, but yes... it is ok to eat like that. Eating in recovery and weight gain is not the same as eating like someone who is healthy or normal. But its not good ot start binging, but if your body is calling for more food and wants chocolate, then eat it. People say listen to your body because that is the AIM, it takes time to come there. It doesnt happen over night, but taking steps like listening to your cravings, but not binging... finding balance. Trying to listen to your bodies natural hunger and fullness cues is listening to your body, which is what your aim should be. Not some sort of diet or restrictive eating. If you dont feel hungry at all, then its important to follow a meal plan with regular meals until you do get your hunger and fullness feelings bac. When you are sick it is not recommended that you listen to your body because your signals are all over the place, but eventually as your body and mind get healthier you begin to trust your body and its signals more.

      Hope this helps.

  17. -dealing with depression, not feeling good enough most of the time and social anxiety

    -your personal insecurities on your body(body parts that you sometimes feel self-concious about) and how do you get over that feeling