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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Answers - geting enough sleep, avoiding stress, moving country, keeping your hair healthy

How do you avoid stress? Do you make calendars to get an overview for example.
If i am honest i dont avoid stress... i feel stressed prettty much all the time. But i do have some coping mechanisms which try to help me cope with the stress. I am an organizer and planer, that helps me to destress when i feel that i have some type of control over the situation. When i feel like i have no control then i feel even more stressed, but also planning and writing down everything i have to do and being organized helps.

Taking time for myself, even if it means saying no to social events, friends or my boyfriend. Sometimes all i need is time on my own to destress. To maybe just have a spa evening or just lie in bed and watch series all day can help me to destress.

Being productive... making a plan and being productive. I find if i procrastinate because i am stressed then i just feel more stressed and its a bad circle. So instead i try to be as productive as possible, though this has a negative side because sometimes i feel like my productivity isnt good enough and even though i got everything done or did 4-6 hours of studying it doesnt feel like its enough.

Working out and running/walking is a way for me to destress. One of the best ways for me to relax and destress as i dont see it as a 'must' or 'have to', but something which makes me happy. So exercise doesnt add stress to my life, i make time for it and that is important for myself. 

Blogging is also a good way for me to destress, but at the same time it does add alot of stress into my life... so its a fine balance!!

Colouring and writing are great ways to destress as well :) To just find peace. Doing meditation or something meditative, just sitting and breathing is good as well :)
Do you think you get enough sleep on a daily basis? When I stardet sleeping 8,5 - 9 hours every night, I became this whole new person: I felt so de-stressed, energetic, positive! It's scarily true what they say about the imbortance of sleep for psysical health <-- a="" as="" before="" can="" cause="" disorders="" eating="" getting="" issues="" like="" little="" long="" method="" of="" over="" people="" psychological="" refuse="" sleep="" span="" time="" to="" too="" torture="" used="" was="">

No i dont.... i mean i am on my break now and i still only get around 6 hours sleep a night. Ideally i know i need 9 hours to function best, but at the moment i am having some sleeping problems where i dont feel tired in the evenings. I dont feel so tired during the days either, i have even decreased my consumption of caffeine, but stilll i dont feel any more tired. For now i am not so worried... when i need it and can i take powernaps anyway :) But you're right, ideally i should be sleeping more. But for now its not a problem and i dont feel so tired.

Would i recommend online dating?
Haha, maybe. I have a few friends who have found their partner via online dating and then others where it hasnt gone so well... so its basically 50/50. Though it can work (i am proof of that, but also my mum :) She found her husband, i.e my step dad via online dating :) I love joking about this fact that we've both found someone via online dating! Though different sites ;))
I wrote a post about online dating HERE It can definitely be an option, but its important to be safe and be wary of who you are talking to and if you decide to meet them. Make sure to tell someone and do it during the day :)

How did i cope with moving country?

When we moved from Ireland to Sweden in 2010 it was because i needed better treatment. At the time all i wanted was to get away from Ireland. To get away from the hospital that i had been stuck in for almost 2 months. To get away from everything in Ireland, if i am honest i never really liked living in Ireland. I always knew i would move and more than ever wanted to get away from there. I had no problem moving, though i only got to sleep in my room for one evening and then we moved to Sweden. So the last time i was at our house was June 2010 (was there a total of maybe 8 hours), and there were times i missed the comfort of having a house, going to a school with people i knew and living out in the country. But i never liked the school i went to and i've always wanted to move to the city so in the end it really hasnt affected me negatively that we moved. If anything it has been apositive change for me, because i am pretty sure i would have been unhappy living where we lived. 

Though it was hard because i left all my friends, my best friend, my school. I barely knew anyone when we moved, i had no friends my own age and starting new schools was tough. It takes time to settle in, but also the fact that we had economical problems and had no where to live the first year we were in Sweden. But things sorted themselves out eventually.
The best advice i can give is.... give it time. I started school officially autumn 2011 and i struggled to make friends, i hated the school, i felt so lonely and then when i began my new school in autumn 2012 i struggled to make friends there and i couldnt believe what was happening. I had lived in Sweden for more than 2 years and i had no friends, i felt so lonely and thought things would never get better. But then i found my group of friends and things got better and i graduated and created an awesome life for myself. Even if things didnt happen the way i had thought, things worked out anyway. So give it time, but also be active about making changes and creating life the way you want it to be. Dont expect things to change if you dont make a change. I.e dont expect to make friends if you dont try to make friends, dont expect to have money if you dont search for a job or work, dont expect things to get better if you dont atleast try to make them better.

Hi Izzy, I would be very grateful, if you could write something about how anorexia has damaged your hair. Since I was a teenegaer, my hair have been falling off excesivelly but it became even worse now when I suffer from anorexia. But your hair now looks amazing, strong and healthy. Are you using some treatment? Oils? Vitamins? Or is that just a result of healthy eating and sufficient income of nutrients? Does it get better when I gain weight or the damage is permanent and I cannot do anything about it? Thank you in advance for your response!

When i was sick i had very dry and horrible hair. Whenever i brushed my hair clumps would fall out, though i still had kind of thick hair. But it was very dry and frail and did not look good at all. At the moment my hair is not that good... i have dyed my hair since the age of 12 so my hair is quite dry and hard to do anything with.... but i like to use hair treatments and good shampoo as well as conditioner and that works great. Also using certain hair oils at the tips is a good idea and using heat protection when using the straightener or hair dryer, those are my best tips :)

But also making sure to eat enough - get enough healthy fats and get your Omega 3 and 6 as those help to make your hair, nails and skin better. Drink enough water, get enough vitamins, minterals and nutrients. Also having a healthy weight and healthy fat procent make your hair, skin and nails look better :) So with weight gain and good nutrition it will make your hair look better and hopefully make it thicker and fuller. Otherwise there are great products whcih can help. However for some people their hair doesnt go back to the way it was before their eating disorder, meaning that it is still very brittle and thin and as far as i know there isnt so much you can do about that, but maybe i am wrong. 

Another tip is to not brush your hair when its wet, because that is not good :)

If anyone has any good tips, COMMENT because i am definitely not the best person on hair care :)


  1. My boyfriend is always really tired, he is training to be a personal trainer at the gym so he is very active all of the time. He said that he hates resting and doesn't know how to rest as it makes him anxious. I've tried to give him loads of advice and tips on how to relax but he finds them hard (he doesn't like watching TV and he won't just lay there otherwise he will feel unproductive) I'm concerned as I am recovering anorexia and I love him to pieces and don't want it to affect our relationship. He is naturally very slim and finds it hard to bulk up his muscles but is determined to get bigger, please may you provide me with some tips or advice to give him? I'm really worried x

    1. I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend, it doesnt sound so healthy if he is scared to rest. I think it can be good to talk to him about his thoughts/relationship with exercise and food. Remind him that it is ok to rest and that he doesnt always have to do things, but that the body and mind need rest as well. Also reminding him that the body needs rest and alot of food to build muscle, not just loads of exercise. Maybe get him to watch aseries or film with you... beginning with watching a series together where you sit together for a while can be a good thing to begin with :) Remind him also that he can talk to you if he wants to... but its not your job to change him or make him better. If there is something going on with his thoughts, then he needs to realise he needs to talk or ask for help, you can just remind him that you are there for him and he can talk to you if he wants to. But you cant force him to talk either, its tough... but remember to take care of yourself first, even if you care alot for your boyfriend, your health comes first.