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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Answers - eating out in restaurants and my future plans

I got asked whether I eat other things than salad when I eat at restaurants.  And I am sure others wonder the same thing,because it has been a lot of salads recently and you want to know why? Because I love salads. If I could eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be salads..... there are so many combinations,you can have salmon salad, chicken salad, prawn salad.... you can have awesome toppings like avocado, eggs, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, dressings or vin├Ągrett. ... so many delicious salads and that is what I enjoy eating. 

  Just because you eat a salad doesn't mean you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. A salad isn't necessarily low kcal... If it has alot of delicious toppings then  it can be very filling as well as providing alot of good energy. If I want to have another dish then that is what I order. I love going to thai places or tapas or even greek restaurants and there I eat more than just salad. For lunch when I eat out its usually salad as that is one of my favourite lunches (as long as it's more than just some lettuce leaves,  tomatoes and half a chicken breast. Then the salad is a very disappointing salad and won't fill me up.) Also with my salads I always want bread! If there is no bread with my salad then the cafe/restaurant gets minus points according to me... hahah. They should at least offer it, whether people choose to eat it or not is their choice. ... but my choice is almost always yes!!!

What are my future school/career plans

The first step is to go 4 complementary courses before I start my university education. I've gotten a few questions about the complementary courses,  it is not because I failed a course/courses (I passed all my courses with great grades!)  But because I went a social science program in school and I want to study nutrition in university so I need to study biology 2, physics 2, chemistry 2 and maths 4 before I can apply for that course in university.  It sucks that I have to spend the next 1-2 years (depending how I want to study ) with these complementary courses as it means 5-7 years of studying left before I have my bachelor's or masters. During these years I will take courses about exercise so I get qualifications within that as well as business courses. My plans are to work with nutrition and exercise, some sort of health coach maybe. And have  my own business eventually, but while studying i will start working where i get a job. Hopefully i will be able to start helping people with nutrition and exercise through my blog and social media within the next few years, and then actually get paid for it... because like the quote goes, if you're good at something, never do it for free. But then i would maybe make meal plans for readers if they wanted (and would be specifically made for YOU and YOUR bodies needs), which means they would not be free. But until i have some form of qualification or more knowledge i wont be doing this, because it would feel wrong.

Because of my past i know i can help with the mental side and be understanding. I know what its like to restrict, to binge, to purge, to eat very healthy foods and be scared of unhealthy foods, to have fear foods etc so i can help people overcome that. Or atleast give advice and be understanding :) Also i like testing new things so i have tried IIFYM, calorie counting, periodic fasting, tea detoxes, fat burners etc etc so from my own experience i can help people. I think its important to have knowledge when you talk about things, that is why i test different things to see how they work and can then use that to my advantage when helping people when i myself have tried something. Though of course i am not going to try silly diets because that is stupid and wouldnt be beneficial for me at all.

Have you ever had strangers coming up to you to get your autograph, have your picture or just to talk (I mean readers of your blog, not just people ;) )

Hhaha, my blog isnt that big ;);) But i have had Swedish readers come up to me in town and say hello and that they read my blog :) Ive also had some readers (swedish) email me and tell me that they have seen me in town/doing something but not dared say hello. Which feels even more weird... hahaha. If you do ever see me, dont be afraid to come and say hello :) Though maybe not if i am in a group of friends, but otherwise i am friendly :)
  I have also had 'blog meet ups' twice before which was strange but also fun :) Ive been asked if i have ever thought about doing this, and i am not so sure. There is the whole 'security' thing which i am most worried about... but if i have had contact with readers then i dont mind meeting them :) 


  1. When I eat out at restaurants, I try and get things that I cannot have at home. To my family, that's kind of the point of going out and spending extra money. :P Haha, so we try and focus on delicious food that we are too lazy to make. For me, that's burritos and good pasta! :) One of the greatest things about my recovery has been trying new meals!

    1. This is a great way to think about eating in restaurants :) Trying new food is the awesome thing about eating out!! :) And that is definitely a positive about recovery, finding new meals and foods!

  2. Thanks for answering my future plans question- I am always confused on whether or not I should major in something health/nutrition related as I am very passionate about it. However I often worry that I may not be able to make a good career out of it/should focus on something more research oriented. It was great reading your insights about it. I am positive you will be successful at whatever services you decide to offer!

    1. I think you should do something you enjoy and find interesting and the rest will sort itself out :) I know i want to work with nutrution/exercise but not really sure how because i dont really want to be a dietician or a personal trainer, but a mix of both... and i know i want my own business in the future. But all those things are a little unclear, but the important thing is that for now i know what i want to work with :)
      I am sure things will go great for you and you will figure things out :)