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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wandering around Gothenburg

Good evening everyone :)
What an extremely long day today, i am ready to just go to bed and try to sleep atleast 8 hours, haha. But today has been a really good day. We left the hotel around 11am and then began wandering around Gothenburg. I actually really like the town... it is so small and cute and i began thinking, I could live here. If i were to get a job in Gothenburg, an apartment somewhere nice and close to some form of forest and close access to the actual town, then  i could move here. Take Daisy with me and study and work here. The people are so much calmer than in Stockholm and i like that... i am quite a stressful person so then when i am in Stockholm and everyone else is really stressed i get even more stressed and it's not a good combo. But here i felt so calm, mostly, though of course its summer time and there were alot of people everywhere for a while. But that cant always be avoided.
I like Gothenburg and i defintely want to come back, could even be a place i want to live/study!

But back to my day... we stopped at a cafe and ate lunch while sitting in the sun and then went to a park and just rested while listening to music. When we got back to the hotel we realised that we had both gotten badly sunburnt and had some very 'nice' tanlines, hahahah. Thats the worst about summer, all those fancy tanlines and looking like a lobster to begin with :)
   Then when we headed out to go for dinner, planning to go back to the same restaurant as yesterday (Because it was sooo good and the sweet potatoe fries were amazing there!), it was fully booked and no table availble until around 11pm, and it was the same for many of the other restaurants because Sweden was playing in the final football match, so everyone wanted to watch that. Finally we found a place and both feeling tired and hungry, we took the first best place and thought it would be good.... though i was not so satisfied with what i ordered. A tiny piece of chicken, some potatoes and a weird tasting sauce.... i ate it all because i was so hungry but it didnt taste so good and wasnt as filling as i had hoped for so afterwards i went into a foodstore to get some snacks which i could eat to fill me up some more :)

All in all a really nice day, though a long one. Tomorrow we are heading home but we have half the day to spend doing something and wandering around anyway which is good :)

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  1. Great photos! That ice cream looks absolutely huge! I hope it was delicious for you! Xx