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Sunday, June 28, 2015

What it's like to date me

I've seen on a few blogs that there is a post thread called "what it's like to date me" which has circled around. ... a while ago in all honesty and I've been meaning to write it. Just because I think it's a good wah to analyze yourself, how you think you are in a relationship. I am going to write this from my own perspective and then I might ask my boyfriend what it's like to actually date me and then write what he says in another post.... a sort of comparison of how I see myself maybe :)

1) I can never make decisions. Bad trait and quality and it's not that I'm indecisive or I don't care, because I often say I don't care or mind. And that is the truth, I don't mind if we eat chicken or fish. I don't mind if we stay in and watch movies or if we walk around town or if play video games or just cuddle all day. I just like spending time with my boyfriend. And if I don't want to do something or do want to do something then ill say it,but otherwise I let my boyfriend decide because I don't mind.

2) I am not the most cuddly person. All my life people have hugged me and tried to get me to like hugs, but I don't know... its just not my thing. But I'm learning to like them and they're not as awful as they once seemed. Hahah... maybe you just need the right person to hug you.

3) Even if we're dating I might forget to answer my phone for a day or two.... #bad trait 101, but sometimes I just don't feel like talking and I always forget my messages etc as I'm doing other things.  So it seems like im ignoring you, but it's just my forgetfulness and my introvertedness  (not a word,but you get it;))

4) i enjoy baking and cooking and will gladly bake and cook for you and I also don't mind cleaning :) so I will do those things because I enjoy them!

5) I like to think I'm selfless in general, but at times I need to be selfish and take time for myself as that is my way of energizing. Sometimes it's draining for me to always be around other people.

6) I find it hard to talk about my problems and can keep certain things to myself. If I am having a bad day, feeling sad or have anxiety, chances are I will hide it and pretend like nothing because I don't want to burden my boyfriend.

7) I am honest and would never lie or cheat on my boyfriend. If my boyfriend asks me a question directly then I wouldn't lie.

8) i can say random things and random thoughts I have.... especially before going to bed. That is my favourite time to talk, when you are just lying beside each other and can say whatever is on your mind.

9) Exercise is a big part of my life,it's my hobby, future career choice and my therapy. So that is a daily thing in my life and I will make time for it most days a week - which is an important thing my boyfriend needs to understand. When I go to the gym or go for a run or other workout form it's my "me time". And always increases my energy and happiness!

10) I like to send cute messages, write notes or buy small presents to remind my boyfriend that I like him :)

11) I care alot but i find it hard to show it sometimes... hense why i like to send messages or things like that because otherwise i can seem so emotionless or like i dont care/like the person. But i do, i just dont know how to show it as i find it hard to say certain things.


  1. I can relate to how hard it is to sometimes show how much I care about people.. hence why I tend to write messages etc. too!!

    If you're a quiet individual, it can be hard to express your feelings - - although, I do hug people a lot!! :)

    1. Naaw, hugging is great. I still need to learn to like hugs ^-^