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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What I ate Wednesday

I might try doing this weekly segment for a while... maybe once every 2 weeks or once every week, i'll see. But my eating changes everyday depending on what i'm doing, for example yesterday (during the day) i didnt eat so much at all as i had stomach pains but then in the evening i ate LOADS. Because i dont eat like that everyday, its ok that that happens at random times due to circumstances.
But i dont want you to think that you know how i eat from just one random day :)

1,5 scoop protein pancake mix, 1 egg. Strawberry quark, 'chocolate cream', syrup.

2 fillets of chicken, carrot, turnip and sweet potatoes mashed (and mixed in some butter and milk & salt), cottage cheese and tomatoes.

Dessert:  250g coconut quark

Snack: Paprika, cucumber, c.a 150g salted nuts, few pieces of chocolate, sour cream with dipp

Dinner: Salmon fillet with potatoe wedges and tomatoe.sauce

Snack: yoghurt with musli.and strawberries


  1. which swedish brands of dairy do you eat? coconut quark sound delicious!!:)

    1. I use lindahls for quark and whatever yoghurt brand my parents buy :) otherwise I don't use so much milk, butter or cheese. And those are lactose free or soy as that's what the rest of my family consume.

  2. You ate a really high amount of protein this day! I have to eat enough protein but still not too much, since I would get protein farts, hahaha - it's true! But that just mean more carbs and fat, so I still get enough calories. Is it true that the body doesn't achieve as much energy from protein as of carbs and fat? Read some comments about that on your blog a long time ago, but I can't find them now...
    Hugs :)

    1. I don't count macros so I don't really know... but I do know that I have a high consumption of protein, but that's because I love those foods :) well 200 kcal coming from chicken is the same as 200 kcal of potatoes or pasta. .. but protein, carbs and fat are used for different things in the body. But an excess of protein is still an excess just like an excess of carbs or fat. That's why there should be a balance of the macros :)

  3. This is a really odd question, but how am I supposed to feel after I eat? Full? Satisfied? Both? Is my belly supposed to be bloated? Flat? Etc etc.?

    1. Your supposed to feel satisfied. Yiu shouldn't feel hungry and you shouldn't feel so full that you can't move. My normal full feeling is that I can drink a cup of tea/coffee and that is about it after a meal. And natural you bloat after a meal so that's normal :) and the bloat usually goes away after a little while, though sometimes bloating can last a whole day and that's normal as well :)