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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday morning and talk about bad body image days

Good morning :)

Its a new day and the sun is shining here in Sweden and its expected to be around 15-20 degrees and sun :) Yayy!! Sunshine and good weather always put me in a good mood :)

However mentally i am having one of those awful body image days. Its strange how quickly it can go when you look in the mirror... from one second thinking you look good and feeling great/happy and suddenly you look a little too closely or a little too long and all these thoughts start popping up in your head. Negative thoughts about my body, myself, my personality.... like every little flaw, every negative thing about myself starts swirling around in my mind. Today is one of those days where i just dont feel good in my body at all, and would prefer to not do anything, not be around anyone.... but that is just silly thoughts. 
  Why am i writing this? Well, too show that bad body image days can still happen even after you recover. You can still have days where you feel down about your body image, feel like your 'too big' but the important thing is to not let those thoughts control you. These thoughts might take up some place in my brain today, but i am going to push past them. Be as positive and happy as possible and not let these thoughts stop me, but also keep eating like normal. These thoughts will pass and i will be back to my normal thinking and feeling positive in my body :)

My best tips for when you feel like this:
Try to avoid the mirror and avoid looking at yourself too much. It doesnt help... fat isnt a feeling, its something else. Maybe im a little tired, everything is new and different and i am doing so much more so need to make sure i get enough energy, because often when i am very low on energy then i can get these types of thoughts. So when you get the 'fat feelings' and not feeling good in your body, make sure to eat enough ,get enough rest and do nice things for yourself. Think positive thoughts, even if its just something simple like... my hair doesnt look so bad. Or some other positive thought which is the first step to changing your thoughts :)

Anyway, i have the habit of writing too much about things i hadnt planned on writing about - the nice thing about having a blog and just writing your thoughts!

Our plans today are to wander around Gothenburg and take the day as it comes/do what we feel like doing :)

Below you see my load up breakfast for the day!!

The looks i got when i sat there with 2 plates and  bowl of yoghurt infront of me XD i dont think people thought i could eat it all XD Though really, its not that much food and i am aware of that!


  1. 20ÂșC ? In brazil we consider it freezing lol
    and it's acutallu amazing to know I'm not the only one that has this feelings after recovery!

    1. hahah, 20 degrees is warm here in Sweden!! Its a nordic country so most of the time it is very cold and the summer is short and not that warm.

  2. What? 20 degrees is supercold! Sure you didn't mean to write like 50 degrees? It looks more than only 20..

    1. hhahah, if we're lucky its 25 degrees... that is like HOT here in sweden... :)

    2. I think they thought you meant 20 degrees fahrenheit and not celcius...

  3. do you avoid 'unhealthy' foods on pourpose or do you just dislike their taste?

    1. Why see it from that angle, rather than "do you eat 'healthy' foods on purpose or do you just like their taste?"
      See it doesn't really make much sense ;) Besides - the fact that there are no chocolate among these pictures is highly unusual! Izzy eats 'unhealthy' foods when she craves them (she said), and judging by her pictures, that is quite often. It's a healthy and balanced lifestyle which I respect a lot :)
      Ps: I didn't mean to come off as rude towards you anon <3

    2. I dont see food as healthy or unhealthy, but as food that i like or unlike.... and if you do categorize food, then yesterday i ate pancakes, roughly 200g chocolate, on Sunday i ate oreo cheesecake, today i ate ice cream.... and in general i eat chocolate several times a week and other things. But i dont see it as unhealthy, its about balance.