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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time to visit Gothenburg

A place which ive always wanted to visit but never have (sounds crazy) is Gothenburg and also the theme park Liseberg!! I love theme parks, that is a random fact about me :) If there are 2 things in life that make me return to my childlike state is Packages and theme parks! I think i love these 2 things because i had to grow up so quickly and give up my childhood, so with these 2 things i sort of go back to that child state (though not in an immature way, just a happy way!)

Hahah, sorry for that tangent of a story, just sort of came to mind :) Anyway, i am super excited and even more happy to be travelling with my boyfriend!

Today we're taking an early train and then travelling 4 hours before we finally arrive. So need to make sure to have some snacks and maybe a film downloaded which we can watch, as i am not certain if there is wi-fi on the train or not.

What will we be doing in Gothenburg? We will go to the theme park one day and the other day we will wander around the town/city and the thrid day.... well who knows, maybe spend time in the hotel, wander around Gothenburg again!
  You know what i am really excited for as well? THE BREAKFAST BUFFET. (I'm sorry, i'm not screaming....Ok yes i am.) I cant even describe my love for breakfast buffets :) Hopefully it's a good one... and my BF will just have to accept the fact that i am going to document this trip like crazy and take photos of the buffet, of where we go, random things as well as selfies :) Thats the way i travel. But of course, enjoying the actual moment because well.... a memory needs to be lived and experienced, not just taking pictures of everything!
Also.... the hotel has a gym and a pool, so i'll see if i have time for those 2 things. Hopefully anyway, but its not my top priority, though would be fun to do as well!

Onto the next thing....  I spent all Friday evening scheduling posts for Sunday-Wednesday, and then i am bringing my computer and will have internet access on my phone so random personal posts of what i have done and pictures will be updated sometime anyway :) So keep checking my blog! Though comments and such might take a few days to reply to (as usual i guess?) and i have tried my best to answer as many emails as i could before i left because i wont be answering while i am gone. I mean, this is my trip away with my BF, i want to spend as little time infront of the computer/my mobile as possible :)
But i am sure if you leave a comment asking for help or advice (which isnt too triggering) there will be someone who will answer you :) So dont be afraid to do that if you feel you need some advice ASAP!

Anyway, this is a scheduled post so i cant tell you how the race went yesterday... but i am guessing i survived?! A post about the run will be up sometime today or tomorrow anyway :)

Have a great end of this week and a great next week :)

^Feels like the man in the background is trying to photobomb my picture? ;)


  1. Haha 'i am not certain if there is wi-fi on the train or not' #firstworldproblem last time I had to take the train here while being abroad, the question was more whether we would be 2 or 3 people fighting for the same numbered seat ^^ Have fun in Gothenburg!! Take a pic right after a rollercoaster, let's see how wild they are in Sweden. Carine

    1. Hahah, yes definitely first world problems :) hahaha... I might just do that. Some of the rides look crazy!

  2. Have a wonderful time on your trip away to Gothenburg! I hope you have a great time with your BF at the theme park and the breakfast buffet! Xx