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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thoughts about other peoples food intake

Today while browsing through some blogs i read one of the bloggers food diaries for the day. I saw that there were a bunch of comments so decided to read them, see what people had written.

There was a bunch of: "You are eating too little.", "You shouldnt eat like that, its too many carbs", "I could never eat like that", "If you want to get rid of your sugar problem you should eat spinach", "You should make smoothies instead of X", "You should watch freelee and eat like her" "Freelee is awful and fruit has too much sugar" etc etc 

The amount of comments about the bloggers intake was crazy. Because in all honesty, all these readers they dont really know anything about the blogger. You cant be certain that that was what the person ate during the whole day. The blogger might have eaten more or less than posted, a picture doesnt show everything. But it's also the fact that so many people with so many opinions about what is right and what is wrong. Some people swear that carbs are the enemy, others say that fat is the enemy, others say dairy, others say fruit.... eventually your are left with only being able to eat salad. But of course the salad has to be organic and preferably home grown....

Its not anyone elses job to comment on other peoples diets unless it is necessary. The only real people who have any type of opinion on someone elses opinion is a dietician/Nutrionist or your partner/family/friend who knows you and can see that something needs to be changed i.e you are undereating/overeating/weird food behaviour. But it is definitely not some anonymous readers job to comment on a bloggers intake and tell them that they are doing it wrong or shouldnt be eating something or should be eating something. It feels like there are so many people online who think that they know everything and think that their way of eating is the only way of eating. They think that they are qualified or something.... and i get it. We all have our opinions and what we think is best, but that doesnt mean that it has to be voiced. I mean i get comments about my food intake on my blog and i get it.... when you post something then yes, there might be comments and you have to accept that. I dont really take any comments too personal especially not if they are critical comments.

But it just amazes me sometimes how people so easily inolve themselves in other peoples diets and think they know best. But its the person themselves that knows best.... not always of course. I mean eating disorders are a very clear example of that, how a person doesnt know what is best for themselves (intake wise as a person can over eat/under eat/not eat all the energy or macrnutrients they need). But like mentioned, then it is up to a doctor/dietician or close famil/friend to step in and say something, not just random people or anonymous online readers.

There is not a one right way to eat, different things work for different people. I mean the way i eat is healthy for me but doesnt mean its healthy for others. And i guess if the blogger gets enough energy and enjoys what they eat then its not up to anonymous readers to tell them to change their diet. Its up to the bloggers family to step in if they feel that something needs to be changed.

Anyway, i dont even know if this post makes any sense but i felt that i needed to vent a little. I mean i know i am knowledgable about nutrition and am very aware of different ways to eat and different things work for different people but i never just comment about other peoples intake and dont just give out advice unless its asked for because i think its unnecessary and rude otherwise. But also like they say....'never do something you're good at for free' (haha, though too late for that considering the amount of help i give online and through email which is all for free!!!) XD

Anyway, this is just my thoughts XD


  1. It feels drastically relieving to know that people like you exist.

  2. I like your new them and picture at the top. Is that a donate button? Do you earn money from blogging?

    1. Thank you :) yeah, if people feel like donating to me for my hard work, haha :) though so far nobody has. It might look a little strange though! And no, I don't really earn anything from blogging ;)

  3. Youre waffles looks so delicious!:3 What do you use for youre waffles? Could you post the recipe? I want to bake it as well as you ^^
    Youre so inspirates!

    1. I use waffle/pancake mixes :) so no recipe.

  4. You are very right I cant stand when people to that! xo