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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The focus should be life and health not food

Something which I am guilty of is putting a little too much focus on food. I don't mean to do that, it's just that that becomes a part of what I share on here. As well as readers wanting to see my meals, some sometimes there are more food pictures, sometimes less.

However what I thought about this morning is how on recovery the main focus shouldn't be food or even weight, though those are of course important parts of recovery.  The goal and aim should be physically and mentally healthy and HAPPY. Because healthy and happy is different for everyone and they aren't just based on calories or a goal weight.
  But when you eat because you know you NEED it. I know many struggle with eating on their own and it they aren't watched they don't eat. But this is where you need to realise that you will be eating alone 80% of the time and you need to eat for energy, for life,because it's yummy. Not just because someone is forcing you or telling you to eat. That's not recovered. Food is eaten to give you energy to live life and be healthy. All your thoughts shouldn't go to food - about what to eat or when. When you can or can't eat or what you can or can't eat. That's focusing too much attention on food when you could instead focus on other things. When you because you are hungry and not just because it's 'time' to eat. When you eat because you are tired and need more energy that's  the way it should be.

Focus should be on LIFE, health, happiness.  Yiu don't need praise for eating, you don't need anyone to tell you to eat.  You should want yo eat to nourish yourself so that you can truly live life. Food is part of your life just like sleep, water, air, it is not your whole life. It may seem like too much focus is on food because yes I do take photos of food, which is not always a sign of health, but I do it for social media. And of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion of that whether they think it's disordered or not.  But I know myself that it's not.

I want you all to think about, how much time do you think about food? Is it the only thing on your mind?  Could you be using that energy to think about other things and do other things?


  1. I like this post! Kind of an eye opener

  2. I'm in the beginning stages of recovery from anorexia nervosa and was wondering how much chocolate/ice cream/sweets ('junk food') you ate throughout the week? I'm facing fear foods and actually eating things I haven't in a very long time but am worried i'll endi up not being able to find balance and over eating...
    Can you please help?

    1. When i was an inpatient at Mando i didnt eat that stuff so much as i was following my meal plan and eating the food i was given at the centre, but we did go out sometimes and then we had to eat some cake or ice cream. I ate more cake/chocolate/ice cream etc when i was a day patient and focusing on recovery and weight gain. Then i ate stuff like that around 3-4 times a week. And now it goes in phases/periods how much i eat of chocolate/cake etc but i eat chocolate regularly. The important thing is to be ok with eating those foods... to not feel guilty and know that you can eat them balance. You dont have to restrict but you dont have to eat the whole thing either.

  3. Look Izzy, every person on earth has something that they love (and feel passionate about). If your love is food than be it! :)

    1. My focus isnt food.. and its not that i am passionate about food. hahah I love eating and i do enjoy sharing pretty food pictures, that makes me happy. But its not like i spend my whole day thinking or planning about food, it is part of my life just like other things, not my whole life. Though i know it can seem like it is my whole life because i dont post all my thoughts or everything i do.... but i dont want it to seem that way. I want people - especially those recovering from an eating disorder - to realise that food isnt everything. Its part of life, not your whole life. Its there to give you energy and of course its yummy, you need it. But its not everything.