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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The best thing about summer is the summer fruit

Good afternoon everyone :)

Today has felt alot like Friday, infact it feels super weird when i remember that it is only Tuesday and infact 3 whole days until the weekend! Not that i am in 'need' of the weekend because this week is so relaxed anyway. I am living in the moment and enjoying each day, this is especially important as time is just flying by extremely fast and if i dont appreciate each day then time will just fly by and it will feel like wasted time!

How am i spending my 'free' Tuesday? First a workout - my running shoes are completely worn out so i am waiting for my new ones to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday (choose express delivery as i cant wait! hahaa) so that i can finally run distance without injuring myself. A graduation present for myself... though at the moment my wallet is saying 'dont treat myself' hahaa.

After that i walked with Daisy to the sports centre where my school had our sports day, though as it wasnt obligatory to be there i only stayed for an hour. After that Daisy was going a little crazy as she wanted to run around and eat the food on the ground, so instead i had to walk home with her! Two of my friends had their dogs with them as well... its funny how different the dogs are, but also how the dogs are similar to their owners :) I am very similar to Daisy!

On my way home i bought myself some fresh fruit and berries - now that it is getting warmer all the summer fruit are being sold and are cheaper!! One of my favourite things about summer! Last summer i must have eaten like 10 or 15kg+ watermelon!!! I bought a whole watermelon every 2nd or 3rd day, hahah. Love it so much!!! I bought quite alot of berries and watermelon so that it will last a few days and several snacks!!!

Today i ate glutenfree waffles (a mix), quark, berries, strawberries and watermelon! I was also kind enough and made a serving for my mum and sister as well :):)

Otherwise... i have given my mum tips and advice about social media as she has now started instagram and sharing food pictures! hahahah -_-' It makes me laugh as she blogs as well and is trying to use social media more for her yoga businness. But she always comes to me for advice and such! Not sure why i am sharing this, it's just that i find it funny, but she has always been so understanding of me blogging and my use of social media as i have expressed how i enjoy it. And i am very aware of all the negatives such as pictures being stolen, weird people talking to me, haters etc but still i enjoy social media, strange! But now i am supporting her as she is using it for her business as well, but it shows how more and more people are using social media and how it is a way to move forward in this day and age. Though of course, being too addicted to social media is not good. You have to be able to take a break from it as well and be able to distance yourself from negative things and to not compare yourself to others, once you can do that then social media is much more fun!! :)

Anyway, too much babbling! I am now going to continue drinking my coffee followed by a cup of acai tea and keep watching the Vampire Diaries!! :)


  1. yess the fruit in the summer is amazing and much cheaper! the dogs are so cute:)
    that's so cool about your mum doing social media, I myself used to hate social media, i still do hate some things about it, but I absolutely love Blogging, and reading other peoples, i feel like there's a great community of people supporting each other especially in the mental health blogs!
    glad your having a good day! xo

    1. Ohh yes, there are both positive and negatives about social media. But if you use it in the right way and can have some sort of distance with it then it can be good :):) I hope you have had a great day!

  2. Why do you have afternoon snacks and night snacks? Is it because yoy were conditioner to do it when you had to gain weight and you just got used to it? Do yoy always have to do it? I have to have snacks now and I don't know what it's gonna be like when they say I can stop...

    1. I eat snacks because im hungry... i cant imagine not eating snacks i would get very low blood sugar and have no energy!! Just because you dont need to gain weight doesnt mean you dont need to eat snacks... you do eat a little different compared to a weight gain mealplan, but you can still eat several times a day, its not like you suddenly eat alot less... usually it goes +/-/0 when you reach your goal weight and you become more active, so then you dont really need to cut down. You will still eat roughly the same +/- even when you have reached your goal weight.

  3. I LOVE fruit! My family calls me a "fruit-a-holic". If it was possible and healthy, my diet would only consist of fruit,I 'm sure of it! Strawberries are my biggest weakness. my second favorite "food items" are the dairy products you have in Sweden. your CC and kvarg is SO GOOD. we do have CC and quark in Norway, but it just doesn't taste the same. we used to go to sweden to buy a ton (its about 3 hours drive to Strømstad from where I live in Norway) and my uncle sometimes goes there to buy me some. But i havet had the chance to go to sweden in fooooorever and i am missing the CC and kvarg SO MUCH. I really want to taste the new LIndahls kvarg flavors also. Only ever tasted the natural one. Oh man.... i got the worst cravings now! Maybe I have to try and make my way to Sweden this summer :) And I really want to go to Liseberg again. I was there when I was 9 years old or something. I'm 22 now, but I really want to experience it again. I love amusement parks! :)

    Anyways, what I was really going to say (before i got lost in my writing, haha) is that the ads you have on the side of your page covers some of your text so I can only read the words "in the middle" of your blogposts. I dont know if its only me its happening to,but i just wanted to let you know. :)
    And happy soon graduation! Proud of you, you've worked hard! :)

    1. I love fruit as well!!! It is so good :) You should visit Sweden some time soon!!! I would love to visit Norway, thats on my bucketlist! The new coconut flavoured quark is delicious and so is the strawberry and blueberry one!!! If i could i would send you some ;);) Instead i can eat a little extra for you, haha!

      Ive fixed that now ;) Adsense was doing something crazy and i never got the time to fix it, but now it should be fine!! :)

  4. That watermelon looks so scrumptious, I love watermelon!! I can't wait to see your new running shoes, hope they arrive soon so you can wear them to exercise in! Xx

    1. It was delicious :) I think watermelon is my favourite fruit!!
      My new runnig shoes arrived today, and they are awesome!! Cant wait to test them with some long distance running! :)

    2. Mmm me too. And frozen grapes are yummy, have you ever tried frozen grapes?

      I had a quick peek at your running shoes, they look awesome I love the colour! Mine are similar bright pink all over though, Nike ones. I envy you being able to do long distance running, I wish I could get back to doing that again! Enjoy :)