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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer feelings

June the 5th and it feels like the first day of summer here in Sweden! Amazing weather all day today and i was even able to wear shorts on my walk to the gym!
After my gym session - which went awesome FYI due to all the delicious brownies and brownie batter consumed yesterday! (and the consumption continued today as well XD) - i headed to the park where the rest of my 'house' (from school) were gathered. We started off with some lunch followed by different activities in the sun and then speeches and awards before we then ate the 'snacks' which our class had brought!

After having the sun shining on me for the past 3 hours i was starting to feel tired and a little dizzy and dehydrated but i headed into the city to pick up my two starting packages for 2 of the many races i'm running this summer! I am so excited, and i love collecting the 'numbers' though not all the races give a 'bib' which sucks... i want to have one of those fancy walls covered in running numbers/bibs! XD

Now i am just after eating a snack and resting up as i have started to get a sore throat :( :( but am going out to eat with my boyfriend, his best friend and his (I.e the best friends) girlfriend. A sort of double date i guess? But not really because his best friend and girlfriend are just visiting Stockholm for the weekend so we thought we would go out to eat.
I am not feeling excited at all, infact i am feeling a little dizzy from the sun and not enough water combined with a sore throat. So would prefer to spend the rest of the day drinking coffee in the dark. But i am going to drink some extra C vitamin, take a few pills, drink a few cups of coffee, sit in the dark for an hour (to get out of the sunlight!) and then be ready to go :):)

Ohh, and ive also noticed that there seems to be alot of spam weightloss comments which have gotten through the 'spam' system and are appearing on my blog. If they keep appearing i will be turning off anonymous commenting for a while as i DEFINITELY dont want any of that spam/diet/weightloss comments on here. Hopefully there wont be anymore now, but i will be quick to delete them or turn off comments for a while if they keep appearing! This should be a positive place for you all :)
But note, if they do appear and i dont get a chance to delete them I am sorry!


  1. Those running shirts are so cool I'm jealous! I hope you're feeling better and feel more excited about going out to eat later. I've been getting spam comments about weightloss on my blog too, but not by anonymous, which is strange. Maybe there's someone going round our blogs spamming them. Xx

    1. I know i love them!! Ohh it must be the same person... but it seems to have stopped now, i hope so anyway. It would suck to have to turn off the comments just because of one person spamming -_-