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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Recharging with a powernap

Hello :)

I want to say thank you for all your sweet comments on my previous post, they mean alot to me :) Worrying won't help anything, it just makes things worse. So now i just need to keep some things in the back of my head and hope that nothing changes and then there shouldnt be a problem, and if problems do occur well then they do and there isnt so much i can do to stop it.

Anyway, on my way home from the hospital i had to go through the central station in Stockholm (which i never do because i dislike all the chaos and all the people), but i began thinking about how chaotic it must be for tourists. Trust me, Swedish people (or maybe i should say Stockholmare) walk with their eyes forward and arent afraid to walk into you if you walk too slowly or are in theri way. (Luckliy for me i walk super fast everywhere i go anyway!) But it was chaos, people everywhere trying to walk across the marching people moving their way forward. If you ever visit Stockholm, be warned about the central station!! hahah. But i guess its like that in all countries, i mean even in London, New York, Paris (and the big station platforms/changing platforms) it is chaotic with people and seems awful to tourists, but when you live there you are used to it.

I dont really know how i got into the topic of the central station, it was just what i was thinking about on my way home!! XD When i got home i made myself a snack and then lay in my bed and began watching a series though somewhere in the next hour long episode i fell asleep (luckily the bowls where moved) and slept for the next 2 hours, then waking up with neck and shoulder pain as i slept so weird. XD Jumped into the shower and then began making myself a late dinner, though while making dinner i managed to eat a whole 200g bag of nuts... hahaha. So much for X portions/serving sizes.... I think salted nuts are my one weakness, the thing which i can't say no or resist.... and once i begin eating it there is like a 150% chance that i will eat the whole bag XD This is why i try to portion out the nuts into the heart shaped bowls so that i dont just stand there holding the bag in my hand XD Ohh well.... my food intake hasnt been on top today anyway, and even if i havent done any workouts today it takes alot of mental energy to be in the hospital all day! 

 Too much babbling like usual, instead i am going to bed once ive eaten dinner because tomorrow it is another full day in hospital with even more tests.... yay -_-


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    1. That was not my dinner in the picture :)

  2. Hi Izzy!

    What was your dinner? Because it looks sooooo, delicious!;)

  3. Replies
    1. It was 2dl egg white oatmeal topped with quark and syrup & proteinfluff :)