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Friday, June 19, 2015

Midsummer celebrations 2015

Instead of writing too much instead i am just going to post a bunch of photos (and more to come once i get the pictures my step dad has taken :))
  Also wanted to mention, i've now lived in Sweden for 5 years!! More or less anyway, i cant remember the exact date we moved to Sweden but sometime June 2010 just before Midsummer. Thats why Midsummer is quite a big thing for me because it reminds me of my past so much... all my years have been very different.
  You can read about Midsummer 2010, 2011, 2012 HERE, Midsummer 2013 HERE & Midsummer 2014 HERE & HERE

And then below is my Midsummer 2015!!

A cold and grey day but was alot of fun - picking flowers, making a flower crown, my dog ate my flower crown, brownies and coffee while watching people dance around the Midsummer pole. Delicious late lunch. Rest for a little while and then swedish strawberries with cream (and more!) :)
 The rest of the day it will just be rest and family time, no alcohol for me!!! :)

I hope you all have a lovely day :) Those of you who celebrate Midsummer, what have you done today? And those of you who dont celebrate... what have you done today? :)

^Round 1

Î've realised that i might have a selfie addiction at times... -_- hehehe oops.


  1. You and daisy are both so cute! Loved your flower crown, they seem like they are so difficult to make!

    1. Naaw thank you!! :) I got my mum to help me as they are kind of hard :)

  2. What a great time you've had. Did you study Swedish at all before you moved? I'm interested as I have studied it for four years now and I had overestimated your time in Sweden.

    1. No i hadnt :) Though i could speak it sort of, not proper grammar or anything. So over the past 5 years i have learnt to both write and read in Swedish and improve my spoken language, that's why i was so surprised that i got an A in swedish this year. (Considering that the first 1,5 year in Sweden i didnt do so much writing or reading in swedish because i was in hospital) But also because i have taken swedish as my first language and not like my second language which i should have done, haha.

  3. It looks so beautiful and festive ♥ and love the flowers!!

    1. It was very pretty :) And the flowers were beautiful!

  4. Awww*_* Izzy such beautiful pics ;) I actually have never heard of such a celebration like midsummer here in Germany, but it seems to be such a lovely tradition ;) I really loved looking at the different pics through all the years =) your progress is sooooo unbelievably amazing <3 xxx

  5. We don't celebrate midsummer where I live, so I've spent the day studying for a math exam, which is next week. It's super nice outside, so I've been laying in the sun to do my work. Midsummer looks like a lot of fun!! And you're super pretty and Daisy is adorable!!

  6. Midsummer isn't really celebrated here, but it seems like a wonderful tradition for you to celebrate! It looks like you're having a lovely time and you look so beautiful with your flower crown, unfortunate that your dog ate it though!! Enjoy the rest of the celebrations! Xx