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Friday, June 26, 2015

I don't eat alot, I eat what my body needs (Dealing with food comments)

Recently I've found that I've been getting alot of food comments, not just online but in personal life as well such as "you eat so much", "now you're eating again" "ohh it's time for another snack" and other sort of rude comments from people. And I am guessing they are intended as funny because I do joke about the amount I eat and usually don't care about those comments. But recently I've just gotten tired and irritated over them.... why comment on another person's intake unless it is necessary such as the person seems to be binging, secret eating, restricting or have some type of weird food behaviours /obsessions. But otherwise the food comments are just unnecessary.
Yes I'm eating again, yes I'm hungry.  That's how the human body works. We need to eat everyday and several times  day. You may not always feel hungry,  but I do. I am hungry every 2-3 hours and I do need alot of energy.
The thing which most people comment about is the size of my portions and say I eat alot.... but you know what, it's not a lot. I am not gaining weight with the way I eat and I have energy so obviously I'm not eating too much. But eating the amount I need which is different for everyone.
If you compare my intake to some yo-yo dieter or someone scared to eat more than 1200 kcal, then it may seem like alot but if you compare me to some elite athlete who train 4-6+hours a day I don't eat that much.
I feel sorry for those who are scared to eat alot or think that eating more than 1500 is going to make them fat. Of course everyone is different  and needs different amounts and I eat the way I do due to many different factors. It's important to remember that everyone is different and just because you think I eat alot doesn't mean I do eat alot.
All these food comments they are so unnecessary, people caught up in other people's lives and diets when it's not their job to be.
I've written about this in another post:

With this post I just felt I needed to get some of thoughts and irritations out. Not let the comments irritate me anymore, but also maybe tell the people who make those comments that they are unnecessary and they're wrong... i mean that is what i advise others to do. Usually the comments have never bothered me but now they have been too often and its annoying.


  1. I'd like to say that especially the amount of vegetables in your diet might be the thing making it seem large. Also, people rarely put as much effort on snacks, for instance, when comparing to you. For me they are just the survival moment right after school, right before dinner and therefore very, very light. Also, even a 100 kcal difference might appear huge put on a plate depending on what you're having.
    I'm not saying much on the commenting as an idea, however, as I never experience it emotionally. You've said your opinion on it before and that's why it shouldn't be done on your blog at all. There are states of mind that don't consider it rude, just telling, so usually it isn't meant in a bad way (just that you see where they're coming from).

    1. That's true, I know that they aren't intended as rude, but when I hear them too often it just gets annoying. And I know that compared to others my snacks are more advanced and like a meal, not just a fruit/some yoghurt /small snack. Everyone eats differently and that's ok. How I eat works for me and that's the important thing :) and I do think the amount of vegetables I eat makes a difference in portion sizes :)

  2. I can completely relate to this Izzy! Since I am in recovery I seem to always be eating (and much more than everyone else as well). It doesn't usually worry me when people make comments, as I just brush it off but I agree that sometimes it does get frustrating. What I hate the most is not just when people point out how much I eat, but when they actually tell me I am eating too much or say things in rude ways like "your not going to eat all that are you?" Thankfully I have not had any comments like this on my blog but I do get them from lots off people who see me eating each day and they make me really anxious about how much I am eating. I never let this influnce what I eat though, as I know that I am eating what my body and mind need in order for me to repair and recover. Thanks for a great post Izzy! xx

  3. Absolutely. It should be a general thing, but ESPECIALLY when you're in recovery - it's absolutely nobody else's business what, when and how much you eat. I'm still in recovery, my BMI is near normal, but I know it's still important to me not to relapse, so I really need to keep in mind also not to compare my meals to others (as in "oh my, others are not eating as much, maybe I should also serve less for myself...").

    It's about you, what your body needs. It's different for everybody, but especially for those who are in recovery. Don't compare. Everybody's different. Stick to your needs and your wishes.

    Thanks for this post, Izzy!

  4. Would you mind doing a post on the distorted image we have created? I find myself seeing very underweight girls as "healthy" and what I want and normal and slim girls as "too big" and I know this is so so wrong. I was just wondering if maybe you have felt the same way?