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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday plans

It's Friday!!! Though because i am 'free' i dont have that usual Friday feeling ;)

My plans for today have changed constantly as i havent really known what i have wanted to do, or i have felt like i have 101 things i need to do but not wanted to do any of them.
  So instead, so far today i have run to an outside gym, done a little improvised workout there and then run home again! (I love when i can workout outside... this summer i am barely going to spend any time at the gym. Instead it will be walks, runs, outside workouts! And also because i will be doing a bit of travelling so then no gym either! But its nice with variation)

Then ive cleaned my room, packed my bag, eaten a 'try to make something edible out of the little we have at home' lunch and now i am going to lay in bed (feel slightly guilty that i am not out in the sun XD) and watch Orange is the new Black!!! The 3rd season came out yesterday and as it is a Netflix show, the whole season comes out at once! Both pros and cons to this ;) Last year when season 2 came out i watched the whole season in a matter of 48 hours, and i would like to do the same thing this year... though this weekend is full up with plans, so instead i will begin watching now and continue watching when i get a chance :)

This evening i will be going to my boyfriends work place and hanging there for an hour or so while he works and then staying at his place because tomorrow i have a 10km run/race which is close to where he lives. (Or its closer to his place than my place anyway!) so it will be easier to get to the starting place!
  And then tomorrow evening we're going to have a barbeque at his parents place and also sleep in a tent in their garden. (As we're going camping this summer and we're testing the tent... also so that i can test sleeping in a tent!! XD) Even if i am not the type of person to go camping i think it will be fun and it will be an experience, if i dont like well then i'll know and wont do it again, hahah. But i need to atleast try and i am sure i will have fun, even if i might not sleep alot... because honestly, sleeping in a tent isn't always the most comfortable :)

Also, for my graduation my boyfriend gave me a weekend away as a present! The country or date hasnt been decided yet so i guess we will decide that sometime. Whether we decide to travel away this summer or maybe in autumn or winter, not so sure. But it's definitely going to be fun to have a weekend away with him somewhere! To try new food, see new things, maybe go for adventure runs if possible, otherwise there will be adventures and exploring in the city! Fun!!!

Anyway, i am going to try my best to update and blog this summer but i do have other things to do as well, so i will try my best anyway! :)


  1. nooo ! I didn't about the 3rd season of orange is the new black. I have my last exam on monday but now all I want to do is watch netflix rather than study xD well, if I fail my exam I know who to blame! ;) btw you look so great as a graduate

    1. hahaha, im sorry!! But see it as a reward. After your exam on Monday spend the next 2 days just resting and knowing you can watch your favourite show (and can watch several episodes at once!!) without worrying about studying :):)

  2. Beautiful photograph of your graduation! Xx