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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Extra energy

It's funny how I am still amazed at the times when i eat extra and i notice the difference in my energy. Despite eating what people consider 'alot' that is actally my maintenance. I maintain my weight with the amount i eat... of course not everything is posted, so dont assume or guess how much i eat. Anyway, yesterday i got cravings for ice cream and i ate some (i.e quite a bit) and well it did result in a sort of 'extra' i.e more energy than i usually eat and that resulted in alot of energy today. Which has been noticed in both my physical and mental energy. I have had energy all day and lots of it!!

Even this evening when i am usually tired i didnt feel tired at all. Even when some things in my personal life upset/angered me and all i felt like doing was just lying down, pulling the covers over my head and giving up on the day. But instead i decided to 1) clean my room because a clean room makes everything better. This is something i really need to remember because i am good at letting my room get super messy before i actually do anything about it. Then i took some time for myself and washed my hair, face mask etc because well, i need to remember to prioritize my hair and skin as well!! Its great that i can eat nourishing food and nourish my insides and get regular exercise, but the skin, hair and nails also need some attention sometimes!!! So once again, something i need to get better at! And then to get rid of some pent up anger and irritation - ripping up boxes!! This is a seriously good thing to do if you are feeling angry!!! A good solid 10 minutes was spent on that followed by piling it all into a 'carry bag' type thing so it can be recycled!

And now im sitting here with several cups of tea because i couldnt decide which one to have? haha. A clean room, clean kitchen, clean storage room, clean hair and skin.... feeling better? A little anyway! Ending my day with some waffles with quark and strawberries! Ending my day in a good way anyway, even if i still have some pent up irritation, sadness and anger. (And no, it was not some silly thing that upset me ;);) Because reading back over this post it seems like it might be something silly but it wasnt... and i dont like posting everything here. )

How did/are you spending your Wednesday evening? :)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't had the best day and that something has upset you/made you angry. Hopefully whatever it is will be resolved, and if not, then I'm sure you did nothing wrong! Remember that it's okay to feel angry or sad, and that time is a healer, and that in the meantime you have so many good things going for you, so you should be proud of yourself! Sorry if that sounded cheesy.....I have just finished my exams and relaxed this evening with my housemates in front of the TV having a 'Despicable Me' marathon! xxxxx

  2. the waffles look lovely.Not a waffle fan I am though,i also doll up when bad days get to me.i literally have marathon entries in my journal and all the crazy artwork I do,my mom immediately gets to no I am angry/sad.hope u felt better later

  3. So sorry to hear that you had an upset. I'm thinking of you and hoping that you're not so upset and irritated any more. Just keep remembering what makes you happy and do what you have to do to be happy. It's good that you were able to pamper yourself and take out your frustration on cleaning your room and smashing up boxes! Take care, sending you hugs xxx