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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Demotivated and lack of routines

I think the reason I am feeling the way I am feeling is due to lack of routines. Not really knowing what I am doing with my life... or I know what I want to do. But there is still so much uncertainty and so much waiting time. I love summer and having freedom but at the same time I am a person who needs structure and routine in my life. I don't feel good when my eating is all over the place, when I wake up at 6am one day at 10 am the next day. I don't feel good when I have nothing planned  but at the same time having loads planned can really tire me out. So a balance between those two.

And when it comes to blogging it feels like recently blogging has become a must. Not something spontaneous and because I want to. I'm over thinking all my posts. ... wondering whether I should post personal posts or not.  Does anyone even care about those? And it feels like all my help and advice posts are repeats. I've written about so many topics and it's just to search for something and you are likely to find it. Though of course I love getting comments and asks and try my best to answer all of them. But at the same time it feels like a 'must'.... I don't know what to write about.  And sometimes I feel like writing about how I'm feeling, what's going through my head but I don't even know what that is.... I can't always put words to my thoughts and I am aware of who my readers are so don't have that freedom to post whatever I like anymore anyway.

I guess I just need to find routine in my own life. Make a plan and have some form of structure. And post when I feel like posting.... whether that's one post a dag or 6 posts a day. Find my enjoyment for blogging again, not put this pressure on myself to always post. Blogging is a full time thing, but it's not my job so I don't need to make it my job either. It's a fun hobby of mine as well as loving to help others but sometimes I need to put myself first and help myself before I try to help others.

However leave some suggestions, tips and comments to help me improve :)


  1. Izzy, I'm so sorry that you are feeling this way. If it helps, I think it is something we all go through/have from time to time (in terms of feeling unmotivated and anxious about our thoughts/emotions etc, boy the blogging!). I personally love your personal posts, and would love more of these as well as food picture posts. However, I know that there has been much dispute over this, so it is up to you!

    I think that you are completely right in that you need to take care of yourself first and foremost before helping others. As a recovering anorexia myself, I can quite safely say that you have helped me hugely through my recovery, and continue to do so. However, I would hate for you to feel obliged to write certain posts or help others. This is your blog and you should write/post whatever you want.

    Take care and I hope that you feel better soon.

    Love Laura xxx

  2. I've honestly wondered how you have the consistency to write a post that you practically have already written in the past. You seem to use proper tags - everyone should try to look them through first when looking for advice. Even though a major part of your posts builds up of motivationalizing (what a fantastic word choice) it would spare you some time if you didn't have to rewrite stuff as frequently as you do. You know it too: it happens too much.

  3. I think your doing an amazing job. I dont know how you think of all those posts/ideas. But this is your blog. You should write about what YOU want when YOU want to. You shouldn't feel the need to please everyone except yourself. If you wanna write about how your feeling, you should go for it! That is after all why yoy started this blog isn't it? I think you've been amd are doing an amazing job!:) thank you for being so helpful and kind<33

  4. Hey Izzy ♥
    Even though blogging is a new thing for me and my blog isn't nearly as successful or 'busy' as yours with tons of followers, I get what you're saying! I find myself with the same problems at times and then question whether I should carry on. But what makes me carry on is that I feel passionate about what I write and sometimes I feel passionate about just writing about and posting photos about my very mundane day. Haha. You love what you're passionate about and do it because you enjoy it. If you feel like writing more personal posts (which I love by the way) then do that. If you need your blog to be a place where you can write down your thoughts and feelings, don't let who reads your blog limit you from doing that because what you're feeling is valid and it's not going to change anyone's views about you. What I love about your blog is that it's always been an honest depiction of your life and thoughts and it's not just for 'show'. So write what your heart wants to write about.
    About the routine, knowing that you're using your days productively and for working towards a goal does make one feel much better. Maybe if you could ascertain what exactly your plans and next steps are, like writing them down and getting things into place, to take action into moving onto what you want to do will help remind you you're not just 'aimlessly living'.
    Love and hugs X

  5. Hi Izzy - for what it's worth, I love the personal posts and wish you would do more of them.

  6. You do an absolutely amazing job on your blog. It won't harm you to take some time out of blogging if you need to. You should blog because you want to, not because you feel you must do. I think just with finishing school you have nothing on so your life might feel a little bit empty at the moment. This will change in time when you get back into routine. I would suggest to plan things, but not so many things that it stresses you out. Do something fun once a week, give yourself something to look forward to! Look after yourself Izzy Xx