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Monday, June 1, 2015

Dare to talk about the problem - stop the stigma of mental illnesses

An event which got me thinking about just how important it is to talk about mental health and to stop the stigma and taboo regarding mental illnesses was when my English teacher talked about her brothers suicide. She did this because it is something she believes has to be talked about, especially to younger people where the suicide rate is very high. During her talk she began crying and you could see just how painful it was despite all the years that had passed. This should also be mentioned how a persons death will always be mourned by those left behind... its not a day that passes where that hole and space left behind is filled. The pain is not always healed by time.

After hearing what my teacher said as well as seeing her actions it really hit hard how determined i am to keep going with my blog. But not only my blog but be more open and talk about mental illnesses. More and more people are being diagnosed and feeling as lonely as ever. Feeling like no one understands them, like things cant better. Thinking that their thoughts, actions or behaviours and weird and can't be changed or they are the only one doing them. But that's not true. You aren't alone, there are people who can help you, who can support you and know what you are going through. And things can get better either through treatment or medicine. A person doesn't have to suffer in silence because it is often then when they give up, feel like they can't keep going.

Going to therapy is still stigmatized even if there are more people than ever going to therapy. Eating disorders are still seen as just a phase or a diet, depression is still not seen as a serious illness and not just a phase (and it doesnt help when people joke about depression), OCD is not something easily stopped and all other mental illnesses. They are not just a phase in a persons life or something they can snap out of or change... they need help, support and treatment. And this is what people and even those in medical care need to realise. That it's not enough to just give a person loads of medication and think it will get better, it might help but it doesn't solve the problem. Neither does stigmatizing mental illnesses and making them a taboo to talk about.

So many people are being diagnosed with mental illnesses and alot of it i believe is due to the rise in stress which can act as a catalyst to an illness or be the cause as people find ways to cope. Of course there are other triggers as well, but i know that the rising stress causes alot of problems for people.

I want to help people find their reason to live. To never give up even when times are tough. I want to help people keep going, to experience and live and love life. I want to do my part in taking away the stigma of mental illnesses. Make people feel less alone if they are struggling so that in the future there might be less stigma around the illnesses as well as hopefully better treatment and less people suffering.


  1. fantastic post! I am really glad you talk so openly about this subject as that's how it should be!
    I touch upon this subject a lot on my blog

  2. I love your blog Izzy ! You are such an inspiration for me ! It's the only blog i really like and helped alot . YOU inspired me to recover ... before, i was not so sure about it ... I even decided to make my own recovery blog ... If you have time you could go an get a look at it . ( I would really appreciate ) Sorry if my URL looks like yours i tried something else but it would'nt accept it

  3. I love your blog and this post is truly amazing, i agree 210% the stigma needs to be ended and people need to be more accepting and try to understand everything related to mental health, i love you're trying to make a change and i hope to do the same some time in the future! xx

  4. What is your opinion about all the new recovery blogs? And blogs similar to yours? Some blogs are trying to copy you does that bother you?

    1. You do know Izzy didn't 'invent' recovery blogging, right? ;) Sure she's awesome at it, but so are many others, but many of them may not even have heard of Izzy

  5. Totally agree! This whole blog craze is starting to become annoying! Guys, stop! You are your own person. You are not Izzy. You will not get attention by trying to be Izzy and be glorified. Blogging really requires passion, commitment and creativity. It's not something you can just conjure up and expect to become popular with.