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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Calorie dense snack ideas

I thought i would give some good suggestions of calorie dense snacks which can be good to eat for weight gain or even maintenance if you find it hard to eat alot. But also if you are very active and need a high amount of energy but can't eat alot!! Of course there are many different combinations, so try different things and try new foods!!

Double portion oatmeal (can add in a whole egg as well) with nuts, raisins and banana, topped with milk. (Can also add protein powder into the oatmeal or have some eggs/nuts/etc on the side as well!)

A big bowl of granola with greek yoghurt/any full fat yoghurt with a banana, nuts and dried fruit. Eggs on the side.

Smoothie made with full fat yoghurt, full fat milk, banana, berries. Nuts/granola/eggs/avocado/sandwiches on the side

Pancakes/waffles - can use anymix, but a good one is using 2dl oatmeal, eggs, milk, (can add protein powder as well), baking powder. And then topping with lots of deliciousness such as nut butters, nuts, seeds, banana, berries, greek yoghurt, quark, casein pudding etc

Omelette made with 3-5 eggs, extra egg whites if you want, milk, chicken/salmon/ham/etc, lots of cheese.

Rawfood bars/balls made with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, proteinpowder etc etc

Granola bars/flapjacks - you can google recipes, but these are great! And they arent so filling so you can eat lots of them or eat other things as well.

Pasta salad/cous cous salad/bulgur salad with some protein and add in avocado and/or some type of oil or dressing & some cheese.... yup, this is a great type of snack!!

Baked avocado and egg.

Nut butter with banana... eat lots of this!! Though some find that eating nut butters or fats are very filling and prefer to more card rich foods.

Chocolate with nut butters and fruit.

These are just some snack ideas that i have come up with, but there are so many different types of snacks! Experiment and you will find new delicious things to eat :):)

Comment below your favourite snack if you have one:)

P.s dont forget some delicious snacks such as french toast, wafffles, pancakes, anything with nutella, anything with chocolate etc :)


  1. frozen banana icecream, with coconut and chocolate ... yummm

  2. Halva is a great snack as it's delicious and has a lot of calories :P i love peanut halva. Also rye bread with eggplant ikra/avocado + cucumber + salad and spinach. yummyyy. i also love snacking on corn from a can, it's not calorie dense but it's delicious XD i can eat few cans in a row!

    1. I've never heard of halva but it sounds delicious :) I used to snack on corn as well, so sweet and crunchy!!