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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

BBQ and first swim of the year

Summer is finally here in Sweden!

It's been up around 30 degrees today, crazy!! I love it though and i am definitely not one of the people to complain about the heat. There are far too many people who complain when its too warm and people who complain when its too cold.  But i prefer to just make the best of whatever weather it is... though i must admit i hate rain!! And i am very sensitive to the weather and weather changes, but the summer is so short in Sweden so i am not going to complain about it being too warm at all!!

After eating a late lunch: Baked salmon with sweet potatoe and sauce (and an orange to balance the saltyness!) i headed to my boyfriends work place and kept him company for the last hour of his shift.

The bus journey was anything but pleasant though. 55 minutes stuck on a bus with peoples sweat everywhere, extreme heat and irritated looks everywhere. But i plugged in a podcast and sat and stayed positive!!

When my boyfriend had finished work we bought a 'one time' grill and some food and headed to a nearby lake where we decided to spend the next while. To my own surprise i actually swam in the lake!! I did not think i would swim because i am usually the last person to get into the water but now i couldnt keep myself back, it was too warm!! And now i can say... my first swim in the outside water for this year!!

Then we grilled chicken sausages and ate them with bread and i added cottage cheese with grilled paprika and some cucumber on the side!! And we also fed the ducks some bread! We then spent the next hour in the sun and i began grilling some left over bread and somehow we ended up pouring candy (which we got free from the shop) onto the grill as neither of us like the gele candy. It ended up melting into syrup and there was a sickly sweet smell, hahaha. It was fun to do though :)

Then we packed our things, walked home and now im sitting here and about to continue watching Orange is the new black as my boyfriend is out on his longboard with his friend. (Perfect for me because now i can continue with me series watching ;);) hahaha. So i had no complaints when his friend called. Yup, im that type of girlfriend!)

I hope you all have a lovely evening!

What are your plans for the weekend? :)


  1. Woooo I love the beginning of summer! What a fun time of year, and it sounds like you’re intent on making the most of it. :) My plans for the evening include finishing the last book I am reading right now!

    1. I love summer as well :) is it summer where you are living?
      Sounds like a great plan, what book are you reading?

  2. Sounded like so much fun... It is super hot here in cali as well! I am always listening to podcasts, what are your top 5 or 10 favorite podcasts?

    1. It was alot of fun :):) I only listen to one swedish podcast about training and nutrition. They come out with weekly podcasts so they are great :)

  3. WHAT? You damn Swedes! It has barely been 15 degrees any day this year in Finland yet. Don't you think we have enough reasons to be jealous already?
    Well, I'll just hit my bed again. And it should be easier to be more productive with a weather like this, but why be ruled by the code?

    Have a blast Izzy :)

    1. Hahaha :) I'm sure the warmer weather will come to finland soon :) atleast you don't need to feel bad for being inside!! 😊😊