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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Answer - purging

Can you write more about your purging? how did you stop?
Puging was one of the most noticable things i did which i knew was wrong but at the same time i couldnt stop myself. It was a way for me to get the food out of my system and relieve my anxiety, however it is not a healthy coping mechanism and honestly, think about how strange it is. I mean the body makes you purge when something is wrong, when you need to get the food out of your system because of bacteria or a virus. And then you purposely make yourself purge... this sends a load of weird signals to your body and honestly, in the long run it just increases your anxiety and guilt and shame. Because it is something that you keep very secretive and feel very ashamed of, it is a weight on your shoulders.
   I had periods where i purged 5-10 times per day for several days/weeks ina  row and then periods where i didnt purge at all. It was one of the habits that returned the quickest but was also the easiest to get rid of almost, because i began using other unhealthy methods to compensate. But purging was something that came easy for me which was why it was so easy to do. Just like all unehalthy coping mechanisms it becomes addictive and there were times were i would think to myself, wow ive gone a week without purging, but instead of being proud i would instead go and make myself purge because it felt weird if i didnt and if i had gone so long without purging.

So my tip... dont start. It is a horrible addiction, a horrible coping mechanism. And if you are trying to 'clean' your body or get rid of food, it is not a fullproof mecahinsm. THere is still food inside of you, you never purge all of it. And then if you binge and purge, which i have also done, then you just end up binging after you have purged and you spend your whole day binging and purging and the anxiety builds up. You keep telling yourself enevr again and that tomorrow is a new day, but because they are so adddictive and they happen for mental reasons then its not so easy to just stop.
  So i suggest if you are purging, TELL SOMEONE. It is hard to stop the habit on your own, especially if you have access to places where you can purge or no one is around. Tell someone, no matter how hard it is. Then they can try to keep an eye on you, stop you from purging. Because that is what you need.... someoen there to support you and remind you that it is NOT normal..... when you are sick its easy to think that certain behaviours are normal and ok because they are normal for you. But purging isn't normal and unless you stop the habit it will keep going and your teeth will erode and other consequences. So its better that you stop the habit as early as possible... it is a battle especially when you have the opportunity to purge, but you have to go against that!! Get rid of the habit and NOT pick up other unhealthy habits, instead find healthier coping mechanisms.  Find better balance with food and be ok with eating, see food as energy that your body needs. And your body can handle extra food if that is what causes you to purge.

You cause more damage to your body purging than if you just let the food digest in your body.

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  1. I am so glad I didn't start purging whilst sick! I can imagine it being a hard habit to turn