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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A single food won't make you fat or unhealthy

It feels like in todays society people are labelling food far too much. Food is either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, clean or unclean. There are certain foods which are said to make you fat and foods you should avoid at all cost.
  I mean there are of course certain foods which should be eaten in small amounts, but you know what.... there is no one food item that will make you fat or unhealthy. The thing that does that is 'too much', and what is too much is individual. For example someone who has celiac disease, one slice of bread is too much for them, or someone with lactose intolerance 2dl of yoghurt is too much but 1dl is ok. Or another example, because of my CF i need to eat alot of healthy fats and i do that by eating alot of nuts and that is ok and healthy for me... but for others, if they eat too many nuts either they get gassy, get stomach pain or they gain weight. So it's very individual.

So dont think that just because you eat a donut or two or you eat some cookies or a whole pizza that suddenly you are unhealthy and/or fat. Food doesnt suddenly make you unhealthy, its about your lifestyle and other factors. And eating a certain type of food once or twice won't suddenly make you fat..... you can eat egg whites, brocolli and chicken and still gain weight if you eat too much. Just like too much water is bad for you, so is too much fruit or too much bread or too much chocolate. Its the 'too much' which is what causes problems. Not the actual food, but the amount you eat.

And like mentiond above unfortunatly i can't tell you what is too much for you as you need to figure that out yourself, but of course some foods should be eaten in lesser amounts and other foods you can eat more of. But that doesnt mean you have to completely cut certain food or food gorups out of oyur diet, unless there is an actual valid reason for it.

You can add ketchup and mayonnaise to your meals, you can eat chocolate cake with cream, you can eat a donut or two, you can enjoy your salmon and potatoes or your bread with cheese. And you can also enjoy your salads and your chicken or tofu or your fresh cooked vegetables. Its all about balance.

Dont think that eating in a restaurant or eating different foods or foods with high sugar/fat/carbs is going to make a difference to your body or your health, because that is not how it works. That is often a sign of an unhealthy mindset if you think that you cant eat certain foods because they will 'mess up' your body or 'ruin' your body.
It can also lead to an all or nothing type of thinking which can also cause problems as you think, if you eat one cookie you have ruined everything and might as well eat the 12 in the package. But isnt it better to just eat 1 or 2 cookies and be fine with that, instead of gong over the tope and maybe eating 'too many' just because you think you ruined everything.... if you had just stuck to a few, then nothing would happen and you would still be eating balanced. But once that black or white/all or nothing thinking kicks in, thats where it goes wrong and you begin to consume 'too much' or 'nothing' of foods and leads to a black circle.

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Hope this gets you thinking and makes you realise that its ok to treat yourself and eat everything in moderation!!

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