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Monday, June 29, 2015

A day at the theme park (with lots of photos)

Hello :)

Trying to think of a clever introduction and way to start this post, but nothing is coming to mind. So instead, this will be my introduction! 

A whole day at the theme park is what i have been doing all day, and the time has passed by so quickly! We ate breakfast at 8.30am and were in the theme park by 9.30am as we had bought early access though once we got there we realised that only half the theme park was open so most of the big rides werent accessible yet. Though we got to ride the 'helix' which was a super awesome and fun ride, and one of the biggest attractions at the park. And we're glad that we got to ride it so early because by the time the park opened the queues ranged from 50+ minutes and that just isnt worth it.

During the morning it started raining which made it a little miserable, but it was just to smile and be happy and by the afternoon there was sun!!

So many different rides and they were so much fun. The ones that swing and turn and go up and down are my favourite :) Do you like the theme park? What is your favourite ride?

After we went on one of the 'boat' rides where you got splashed with water we decided to go for lunch and i ate a salmon salad with bread. Which tasted absaloutly amazing, though i felt how my energy was draining and my body needed salt, sugar and caffeine as well as water. By 5pm we felt we were done and ready to go back to the hotel, so i went on one last ride, bought myself some chocolate and then went back to the hotel where i enjoyed my little tub of chocolate as well as drinking 2l of water and getting some caffeine into me! 
    The hours pass so quickly when you are having fun, though i havent felt tired at all, but my body is reminding me to pause and eat, so easy to forget when you travel and are busy doing things. But its important to eat snacks, and i personally believe its better to eat something than nothing at all. I.e extra chocolate as i know i need the energy :)

Anyway, too much talking when it really isnt that interesting. Instead you get to see some loads of photos :)

Ohhh i also wanted to add that the big 'ferris wheel ride' was the absaloute worst ride at the park. Not even the turning, looping, swinging, crazy rides were that bad, they were just fun. But the ferris wheel that was sooo high and went around 3 times was the absaloute worst and i sat there with my anxiety on top. I have a huge fear of heights and find it extremely uncomfortable to be up high and look down and seeing how high i am is the absaloute worst thing. So i just laughed and laughed, not sure if i was laughing because of anxiety or terror or joy.... but it was awful, and the fact that we stopped right at the top. And it went around 3 times... not once. Worst ride and it didnt even go fast!!!

10 am in the morning!

^^Worst ride!

Ă‚fter helix.... hahah

After my first spinning, crazy, up and down ride. (I have a video of this ride which i will post once i get a chance to upload it:))

^^After the 'boat' ride... it was time for lunch and try to get warm


  1. Looks so much fun! I haven´t been to an amusement park in years as they are so expensive :(
    Was this one worth the trip and money?

    1. It was alot of fun :) in total it was about €50 and it was definitely worth it :)

  2. Wow *_* I love such paaaaarks so so much <3 The pics are looking like so much fun and I would love to go there sooo much ;) where in Sweden is it? I have been to Sweden once, but unfortunately never heard of it ;) buuut looks like you had so so much fun ;) OH and by the way I love such candy shops as well *_* looks like paradise ;)
    Hope you are enjoying the rest of your daaaay now :)
    xxx Ange

    1. It was alot of fun :) I just wish there werent so many queues, because you spend half the day just queueing and then on the ride for 2-3 minutes XD
      Its in Gothenburg (West of Sweden). There are many candy shops in Sweden, love them :) But so easy to buy too much ..... though can you really have too much chocolate?!

  3. I love amusement parks-- my favorites are the roller coaster/spinny rides! I absolutely detest the water rides because I hat feeling wet and having to tromp around the park in jeans that are soaking! So sorry you had to go on such a terrible ferris wheel!

    1. The spinning rides are the best :) And i agree... walking around in wet clotthes isnt so fun, so we bought some waterproof ponchos which we used... haha felt so silly wearing them but they were great, because you could then enjoy the water rides!! :) hahaha. it was so high it was awful. Never again XD XD but atleast i can say i have gone on it!

  4. Hahahaha you did take the picture !!! Respects for Sweden, Helix looks awesome ! I would have most definitely liked that one the best. I have been once to Six Flags when I went to California and they had one really similar, X2, three full loops in a row, adrenaline rush. I totally agree, amusement parks have this huge power to make you feel like this innocent careless child we all have somewhere deep inside ;) Carine.

    1. hahahah, i was asked to do it so i thought why not!! It might be fun to have as well... also seeing the photos from the actual ride, they were so much fun. But i didnt buy any of them :)
      Six flags sounds so much fun, i hope to go there someday!!