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Friday, May 1, 2015

Why does food cause people so much anxiety and guilt?

Something which i would love to research about in the future - and most probably will (because in the university course i plan to go to in 1-2 years time, then i will need to do a research project and as i plan to study the nutrition program this is relevant. As well as me finding it very interesting to study people, their thoughts, their behaviours etc). So topic i am talking about is.... Food and it's correlation with peoples mood and thoughts as well as why it causes so much guilt and anxiety within people? 

There are studies which show that their is food that enhances peoples humor and mood. Food which makes people more focused or gives more energy etc But i want to know WHY does food have the power to control us? Or people give food the power anyway, because really it doesnt control us... but we give food power over us and our feelings. That chocolate bar you just ate, that DOESNT have to give you anxiety, its not the chocolate that gives you anxiety its your thoughts about 'what will happen now'. It is very much society that has ingrained into our minds that food is bad, that there is good food and bad food. Society and media reminding us to not eat or to go on a diet because otherwise 'we wont look good'. All these new diets claiming that a food is bad and if you eat it you will end up with cancer or a stroke and die.... and this affects people, it stays in their mind and food begins to control their thoughts and emotions. Though really it is media and society which controls us as they put the thoughts there.

This post is just a ramble of thoughts, what im thinking. But i see far too often on social media as well as in real life where people say they ate something they consider 'bad' and then their whole day is ruined. They feel awful, they feel guilty, have anxiety. When in actuality there is nothing wrong with what they did. Food is not good or bad, its HOW MUCH which decides whether its good or bad, not the actual food. And even if a person did eat an extreme amount, you can still feel ok and move on... though in the cases of binges then the guilt is usually there as a way to say 'dont do this again, this was wrong'. Which is understandable in some ways, but if you just eat say a cookie or you ate a whole pizza, there is no need to get anxiety or feel bad or feel like you're whole day is ruined and not want to do anything anymore.

It would be very interesting to research WHY and also what can be done about it because even normal people feel this way at times when there isnt always a rational reason. I mean food is energy, when did food and eating become a bad thing which we should feel bad over?

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  1. Good points. I prefer when food is seen as a form of celebration! Or simply as routine! Humans are meant to eat multiple times a day, there's no reason to feel guilt. :/