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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What is the meaning of 'living life' - and being an introvert

Living life, just like health is an individual thing. No two people live the same life, everybody is different and everybody has different ideas about what 'adventure' is or what makes them happy or what is spontaneous.

For some people, going to a new Starbucks or wearing a skirt instead of their everyday jeans choice is spontaneous. For other people, deciding at 2am that they want to travel 8 hours and go skiing somewhere (and then actually doing this) is spontaneous! Some people's form of adventure is going to a new library and sitting there and reading many different books, for other people its exploring a new park or forest and other people adventure means going bungyjumping or paragliding etc

From movies we are told that there is a certain way to 'live life'... you know the 'have an awesome time in school, be super popular, have good grades, meet that person who makes everything better and you never argue and even if you do its all perfect anyway', you travel and have a great time abroad, you go partying, dancing etc etc' a kind of stereotypical life and really i dont see the movie plots as a way to live my life.

It is ok to want to spend time alone. I do it... i did alot if it before and that DIDNT make me sad. I was happy and content, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Because there are infact people who enjoy going out to eat on their own, going to the cinema on their own, going for walks on their own etc
  But of course TOO MUCH alone time is never good. Its easy to get stuck in your own head, in your own thoughts. Begin to isolate yourself and always say no to invites so that suddenly you wont recieve invites anymore and can actually begin to feel discontent with all the alone time. So you do need to find a balance with being social and also enjoying your alone time.
  If you are an introvert you gain energy from having time on your own and too much social time can be draining, even if you enjoy the time with friends it can still make you feel alittle tired and crave alone time. Extroverts on the other hand gain energy while being in social situations, they often dont want to be on their own.... so if you are an introvert, try to be more social, dont say no to all social events because suddenly you won't be invted at all. And if you are an extrovert, make sure to take time for yourself, it is healthy with some alone time.

So what happens if you are an introvert, enjoy spending time on your own but people call you a 'loner/depressed' or dont understand why you say not to certain social events? It can be hard to explain to extroverts why you enjoy being on your own ,that you are infact happy being alone and not depressed or anti social. Just like it can be hard for an introvert to understand how an extrovert can spend so much time with other people and still have so much energy, still crave more time with other people... for me personally, thinking about that actually makes me a little tired XD
If you are happy in your choices - and you dont do certain things because there is fear involved or because its 'easier' to not do them, then you dont need to worry about other peoples opinions. This is your life.
  HOWEVER if you stay on your own because there is fear or anxiety involved or something holding you back, then GO AGAINST those. Dont let that fear or anxiety stop you, because then your choices wont make you happy... you will be wishing you went out dancing with your friends but instead you worried to much about other things which stopped you. And this will make your life negative because your choice of being on your own is because of fear and anxiety, not because you actually enjoy the alone time.
Explain to people who dont understand why you enjoy being on your own, tell them that it is your way of recharging, having some time for yourself. But ALSO do go to social events... it wont help you mentally if you always say no. You will miss out on alot!! People are social creatures!! We need other people in our life, whether you think you do or dont, its a fact. You cant live in isolation and be happy for your whole life, you do need contact with other people!

TO those of you asking about this topic i hope it helped. :) It's ok to enjoy alone time - i do. And i have cancelled plans because ive needed to be on my own and my family know that when we travel or stay somewhere else for a few days i will need to take a little break from people by just being on my own and it's not because i am rude, but because it helps me :) Otherwise going for a run or a walk or just doing something you love and enjoy for an hour is a great way to reenergize and then get back to being social (if you are on holiday or at a camp or staying with other people!)

^^hahahha, this is the BEST description of me!


  1. What a coincidence! We were discussing this topic in my psychology lecture today! :)

  2. Susan Cain's quote sums me up perfectly!

    Great post :) x

  3. I can definitely relate, I am also an introvert!

  4. Thank you for including the real definitions of intro/extroverts! I feel too many people think that those terms simply mean shy vs. outgoing, which is totally untrue and misleading. You can be an outgoing introvert and vice versa! Its all about what fuels you - solo time or socializing. I'm a definite introvert but still enjoy social occasions. My boyfriend is an extrovert and can enjoy solo time too. However I *need* alone time to recharge, whereas he *needs* people and interaction to charge up. Good post!