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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thoughts - constructive criticism and responding to comments

Coming home from an awesome day and seeing the recent happenings in the comment section. And what can I say?

Some people want more personal posts. Some people want less personal posts. Some people want more food photos and others want less.
Some people want exercise posts. Some don't want any exercise posts.

Some things trigger some people, other things trigger other people.

But in the end this is my blog.... I write because I enjoy it. I want to help and inspire others and using my blog is also a good thing for my future career.  Because I want to continue helping others.

I try to find a balance of things, while still posting about what I want to. There will always be people who dislike me, people who don't like my blog or think what I am doing is wrong. That's your opinion and YES, YOU ARE ALLOWED YOUR OWN OPINION. And I do accept constructive criticism,  but I also think about the majority. Just because one person tells me that they want less food photos but I have 10 other people telling me that they want more of them.  Then I do listen to the majority,  but also try to balance things out.

One thing which I don't accept or enjoy is when someone tells me that my blog is useless and not needed. That I am wasting my time and that all I will achieve in life is a blog? -that is not contracture criticism that is hate

I don't personally think I post alot of body photos - not at the moment anyway. Some periods there are more,some periods less... but maybe that's where I am wrong?

But I personally think that it's boring to read posts without pictures.  And as I don't post pictures of friends, family or my boyfriend and I am wary of posting too many photos of where I am as there are weird people online.  So then some selfies or food photos is what I post. But also I AM building a social media network. I have CHOSEN to be active on social media... that is my way of building my future career and I enjoy it as well. Even if there are some negatives sometimes.

Do come with constructive criticism as that IS helpful. But I don't accept full on hate at me or my blog - then it's better to choose to just not read. Remember I am just one person,  if you don't like me then move on with your life. You are not expected to like everyone or like everything people do. But please don't sit and read my blog and build up an irritation and hate towards me when I don't believe I have done anything wrong.

If you want less personal posts, just let me know. Or if you don't want me to write about my thoughts or something or other. Just comment I do take all comments on  board and try my best to help everyone.  And if I can stay away from too many triggers I try to. But once again triggers are very individual.

Also the thing with body image.... There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of yourself. If you don't like it, you don't have to. But don't hate people who do it... everyone likes different things. And the fact is society IS focused on body image. People do look at your appearance but the fact is to be happy in YOUR OWN BODY. Because then you don't care what others think.... you are happy in yourself and so you don't mind seeing yourself in the mirror or pictures. Your body is your body, you treat it right.  Liking your body means loving your insides just as much as your outsides. And you know what. ... there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your body. If it's a positive and for the right reasons.... Because you know what strength training and getting bigger arms and legs helped me love myself even more as I wasn't happy with my stick thin arms... so that doesn't have to be something negative. Change should be done for the right reason and in the right way.  However this is a post in itself.... and if you don't like society then BE THE ONE to change it. Because the people make society... and yes, we can all be the change. And I try to help and make a difference in the best way I can and I do that by blogging.

Anyway,  now I am going off topic. But if you have constructive feedback then comment - I am a rational person and don't get angry towards other people unless they are unnecessarily rude towards me.


  1. You go girl!!! :)

  2. Yey))) very good response;))) hugs))

  3. Sometimes doing what's right is better than pleasing people because of what they want. There's a difference between loving yourself and focusing on appearance in order to love yourself. But yes, everyone has different values and what may be inspirational to some may not be to others. It's just not all about only loving your body in order to love life because happiness isn't superficial. At some point you have to shift your focus and move on. What if it's superficial, what if it's taking focus off what really matters and at what point does being admired mean more to you than being real? You'll just never feel free from that pressure of focusing on appearance. It's my opinion and I'm sharing it because perhaps viewing things from and considering a different perspective might mean something. But if it doesn't then that's okay too. But I stood for what I believe and wasn't afraid to say it. Moving on now. All the best.

  4. There is something wrong with taking tons of selfies. It's called self-checking, self-absorption, constantly needing to remind yourself how much you love yourself and put it out there for the world to see. It's like saying 'I look so beautiful right now, I just have to take a photo of myself instead of just being content in that I know I like the way I look and I don't need people staring at it.'

    1. Do you think it´s wrong to feel and think that you are beautiful? Is it wrong to love yourself? Because guess what? without self love life is just darn difficult and miserable :( Because the only one person you have to live with forever is you and if you hate you that life is not that great. And why does it bother you that people take and post pictures of themselves? Let people do what they want!

  5. Hey, let's just end the critique right now - if there is a real problem, Izzy knows it herself (whether there is it not). So let's just leave it to her and not dwell any more about it! She doesn't deserve all this critique from anonymous online.

  6. If you dont like it, dont read it. Simple. Its Izzys blog, she can post whatever she wants. Sure, share your opinion but dont do it on other peoples blogs. Do you have any idea how boring a blog would be without photos? Izzy is showing people that its healthy to be comfortable in your own body and does not deserve these untrue comments.

  7. You are such an inspiration Izzy! And yes, you are so right. To all you haters out there, go do something better with your life than just sitting around and critiquing others. This is Izzys blog, she can post or say whatever she wants! I think she's awesome And such a strong person! Keep it up for all of us who don't have the strength Izzy!!

  8. <3 don't mind the hate comments Izzy! i completely agree with the comment above. you are an amazing, inspirational young lady and you have helped me so, so much in my journey so far. Personallyi get really annoyed when i see hate comments on here..i mean, people seem to forget sometimes that the objectives of your blog are for your own enjoyment AND to help people!! And your confidence in your own body is something I really look up to you for , Izzy. Please Izzy, keep on with the wonderful work, the vast majority of us love your blog and the way you write it. Don't ever change for the world Izzy! You are so amazing! <3 xxx

  9. I have always loved ALL of your posts and find everything so helpful, informative and inspiring!!

    Keep posting pics, food related, ed related, exercise and 'normal' life.. it's all good :) x

  10. Personally, I love seeing what you eat and reading about you're life/what you've done in the day and what your plans are because it motivates me to keep going, and reminds me that everyone is different and it's okay to eat! I also think that it's Izzy's blog, and she can write whatever she likes, this is not her job and she is under no obligation to write about a specific thing/not write about specific things. She is a selfless person who writes her blog not only because she likes it, but to help others too! Think about how amazing that is! How many other people do you know that are 19 and spend so much of their time replying to people who are struggling in their lives?! Basically, if you have anything 'constructive' to say, either email Izzy in private, or DONT READ HER BLOG AT ALL! No one is forcing you to read it, and if she is helping other people, then that's what matters. Also, like Izzy says, triggers are so subjective and,therefore, different for everyone, so it would be almost impossible for Izzy to wrote a blog that does not include triggers for someone out there! If you find what she writes triggers you, then it is your responsibility not to read it, as she's not posting anything 'pro ED's' at all. I find her blogs inspiring and Izzy has helped me so much, so thank you Izzy! X

  11. I'm in the camp of "if you don't like it or find it triggering, don't read it." At the risk of sounding totally fangirl, I think Izzy does a great job portraying recovery and I don't find it triggering at all. That said, I am fully recovered and have been for years, and the idea of something "triggering" me is a concept that no longer applies. I think people who view her photos as body-conscious are probably just closer to their disorder than Izzy (or myself) is (are). I honestly don't think Izzy's pics come from a place of negativity, they are purely for visual interest and to illustrate a blog that is, about her. What else is she supposed to take pictures of? Its an ED recovery blog - you cant avoid the subject of bodies. You can't please everybody, and at a certain point we ALL have to accept responsibility for our own issues. If you find pics of Izzy triggering, well.... That's your issue, not hers. If this blog troubled me in any way, I'd simply stop reading it. Kind of a simpler solution than trying to pin the mental health and stability of the entire ED'd world on one teenage girl with a blog. It's like that old joke, "doctor, it hurts when I do this!".... So don't do that! Find what strengthens YOUR recovery, and cut out what harms it.