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Monday, May 25, 2015

Stress and it's affects on the body

For most people, life is pretty stressful. I would say its unavoiable with the stress, whereas others think its just bad coping mechanisms. And that is true, because if you think and behave in right ways then situations dont have to be stressful. Its our own minds that create the stress in our bodies which then start messing up our body from the inside.

Stress is one of the worst things for your body as it affects so much inside of you but also the outside as your hair can turn dry, your skin can turn dry or start getting more spots on your face and body and lots of other things.

I have just been through a stressful time with exams and i know many are still in that bubble of stress when it comes to many deadlines and exams and that stress then affects your body as well as your mental health and can make you feel even worse and the cycle continues. The thing which people most often notice when they are stressed is the bloating... and that is usually a trigger for many people. But also there can be weight fluctuations, some people lose weight when they are stressed others gain it... (sometimes its just water weight from the bloating). This bloating can last a while and you can have an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach - but when you begin to relax and destress it goes away. But there are also lots of hormones in your body affected from the stress - as well as the rush of adrenaline which is what your body would have needed in a 'fight of flight' situation, but as its mental stress the adrenaline isnt used... and when that keeps happening - the rush of adrenaline it can lead to adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue.

Stress is something which i hate and am very easily affected by it. At times i call myself a stress ball because i dont even know if i am stressed or not... maybe stress is just my constant state.( Though i know thats not true, because right now i am in a place of no stress). But it is also something which interests me alot and how it works and affects the body... i could write so much about it, but i am not planning to do that.

Instead, i want to REMIND YOU ALL that if you stress alot it WILL affect your body (in the ways below) but also if you are in a period of stress right now and you start getting spots or you are very bloated or the scale goes up or down a few kilo. Dont worry about those things, instead know that when the stressful period is over your body should go back to 'normal'. But the best thing is to have HEALTHY coping mechanisms for  stress which will make you feel less stressed and not have as many symptoms or negative side effects of stress.

Things which can help you destress:
Good music
Hugging people
Healthy food & chocolate
Minimizing caffeine intake
Sleeping enough
Having good routines and habits
Being organized and planned (but not so much that these are the things that stress you)
Talking to someone
Writing out your thoughts
Asking for help
Laughing - spending time with positive people and people who care about you
Going for a walk in nature
Exercising (but not so much that this stresses you)
Doing yoga (one of the best things to help with stress - both mental and physical stress)

Most of all, try to be kind to yourself if you are in one of those periods or times of your life. If you are extra tired, then allow yourself to rest more, try to eat regular meals and get enough vegetables and fruit, drink enough water. Take time to laugh and spend time with people who make you happy. Start a relaxing hobby or something which you enjoy. Talk to people and dont be scared to ask for help, it can really help you!!!

(note that too much exercise will stress your body even more!)


  1. Really good post! I am a sucker for stress, and have been feeling very stressed out lately due to lots of things, but this really is helpful Thank you! xo

    1. I know its tough with stress, but its good to try to find some ways to cope and to destress, for both physical, mental and overall health!!

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