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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Not feeling as full as others

I got an email wondering about feeling full and how they dont feel full as easily as others and when they eat they always eat more than others.

I can start off by saying that this is exactly the same way for me. I always eat more than my friends and family, no matter if its lunch, snacks or dinner my portions are always bigger than those around me. And that is because

1) my body is used to eating bigger portions which happens during recovery - and its NOT a bad thing.

2) you get used to eating frequent meals meaning that you will often feel hungry every 2-3 hours when others might eat like 3 or 4 times a day and it can go 6-8hours between meals. (sounds crazy i know!! XD)

3)Your body might need more energy than others

4) You trust your body enough to eat the food and energy it needs

Many 'normal' people dont actually eat alot and can eat quite infrequent meals. Some of my friends eat practically nothing for lunch and it always surprises me, how do they not feel hungry? but i dont know what they ate before or going to eat later so i dont judge. But also they might just not be so hungry. Just because they eat little doesnt mean that they have an eating disorder as eating disorders are mental. However another reason why some people might not eat alot is because they count calories and so they dont allow themselves to eat more.

During recovery if you need to gain weight or start following a meal plan then you eat regularly and you eat big meals - you eat the energy your body needs and if you need to gain weight you eat more and your body gets used to it. It adapts... if you think about pre ed you might not have eaten the same amount that you do now... but you managed that way. You kept your weight... just like you might maintain your weight now while eating double the amount you used to eat. The body adapts which is the reason why you can eat alot compared to others but you still maintain your weight.
  Instead of seeing it as a bad thing that you eat more than others see it as a good thing... you are giving your body the energy IT needs. Forget the amount that others eat... some of my friends eat like half a chicken breast and a potatoe for lunch while i eat a double portion of fish, sweet potatoe/rootfruits and vegetables. But i am not eating 'too much' even if it looks like alot to others, it isnt because i maintain my weight meaning that i amnt eating too much or too little, but just right.

So its important to look at things in context and perspective. Everyone is different, everyone needs different amounts. If someone comments about the amount you eat then tell them that you are eating what YOUR body needs and that everyone is different. Remind them that they dont know what you have eaten or will eat... so they shouldnt judge you, just like you dont judge them.

Below are posts about how to deal with getting food comments

Remember that food ISNT something bad or something to feel guilty over. Its what your body needs and everyone needs different amounts. You should be happy that you can eat alot and maintain your weight! Trust me, it is something which i love!!!

So keep eating the amount that you know you need and feel sorry for those people who eat tiny amounts either because they dont feel hungry or are counting calories or feel like they cant eat alot. Its a pity for them, instead you should enjoy your food in the amount you need it :)


  1. I have counted calories ( and I still do this ) and tracking my macros for about 5 months, but now it happened something strange to me... I'm such nauseous about calories and its like I don't care anymore if I eat 3000 or 1500 calories, because lately I've started to eat just the foods that make me feel good. I've stopped to eat meat and fish, and I'm eating just fruits, vegetables, starches, little of yogurt, here and there eggs, and legumes. Also healthy fats ( basically just extra virgin olive oil, because I don't like nuts ). Since I've started to eat like this I'm not interested in calories anymore. All that I do is put into my plate the portions that my dietician has given to me, but just to make sure to eat enough. Is it that bad?

    1. This can be great, to eat more freely. As long as you are getting the right nutrients and energy it should be fine. If you feel that you are extra tired or feel that running (you run alott right?) is going slowly or you feel extra hungry, then eat more. As that is your body telling you that you need more energy... and that is intuitive eating, to not count calories or macros but listen to your body and if you need more energy or are extra hungry then you eat more. Like i usually write, the body isnt a calculator, and so eating more or less somedays doesnt really matter as it balances itself out :)