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Monday, May 11, 2015

Measuring while in recovery

Hi! I just wanted to ask you a question.
Yesterday my mum told me that from now she will make her my meals, and I will have to eat what my family eat. The point is that she would not follow my meal plan, which has been given me by my dietician. My parents say that no one measures food and they think that is a disorder scared and I will skip my snacks to fit in my macros what they cook...

While I was at Mando I had to measure my food and for lunches and dinners i had to use the Mando Meter which was a sort of measuring device. Though I had to measure to make sure I ate enough because otherwise I would take too little. You're mum is right - measuring food is a disorder habit and eventually you will have to get rid of it. Whether it is now or in a few weeks/months time, but you can't and shouldn't weigh your food all the time. I would suggest you eat what is served for lunch and dinner - dont weigh those meals and then for your snacks eat them according to your meal plan and over time work on not measuring or weighing your food for your snacks, and also being able to eat all different types of food.

The meal plan is made for you and your needs, but it wont harm you if you eat differently, though the only thing is that if you begin compensating because you think you are eating more, then that isnt good. You need to be able to eat more freely as well, not just eat a certain amount of macros each day. You dont need to compensate just because you eat different meals or eat meals which you dont know the calories/macros of. I would suggest you talk to both your dietician and your mum (Preferably in the same room) and you all decide what is best... whether your mum makes your meals or whether your dietician thinks that you should keep following the meal plan for now.

But remember, you shouldnt live off a meal plan for the rest of your life or forever count your macros, because that is a little tedious. As well as it being boring and sad to just see food as numbers.

It can also be a good reminder that you need to face all these things that scare you! You need to fight the anxiety, the fear and your eating disorder and habits. You shouldnt hold onto them... if things scare you, then know you are doing the right thing.

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