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Sunday, May 3, 2015

May goals

3rd of May and i thought i would write my May goals as i had said i would write my April goals but by the time i got around to thinking and writing down the goals it was only 10 days of the month left or so. So i thought instead, i'll write my May goals!

1) To try to limit stress and do things that help me destress. Its the final weeks of school and yes, they will be stressful. So yes i will stress, but i need to remember to do things to help me destress and to find my calm.

2) Be kind to myself. To take care of myself physically and mentally. If i need a day off school, don't feel bad for it. Somedays taking a day off and just studying at home is much better for my mental health as i get so much done compared to going to school and sitting there feeling like im unproductive and getting anxiety.

3) Make sure to eat more green food, limit the chocolate and actually eat proper dinners. In times of stress, the chocolate increases, the vegetable consumption decreases and i tend to either eat very late dinners or just lots of different snacks... but time to change that. (Remmeber this is MY goal!!)

4) Get enough hours sleep. Its hard to do when the sun shines into my room and wakes me up at 6 or 7am even during the weekend, but try to go to bed earlier and not stay up until 12am and then get up5 or 6 hours later.

5) Less caffeine. The caffeine consumption has been HIGH the previous months... so now time to increase Decrease it. And i can say (proudly) only had one small cup of coffee this morning, hopefully i will last with just another small cup for the rest of the day!

6) Make sure to spend time in the sun and outside each day. This usually isnt a problem for me as i love walking and because we have a dog i have to go for walks with her, but just a little reminder that going out into the sun can help and give me a study break as well.

7) Dont be mean or push people away just because i am stressed. Everyone has their problems but when i become stressed i can become irritated and begin to isolate myself as i feel its easier that way. To not tell anyone about my problems and just be on my own. Instead, i need to be more open and remember to destress!

8) Keep running and find time to run. Now when my days will be long, i will be doing lots of studying and work, i want to make sure i find time to run because it really is helpful and helps me destress!

These are just some of my goals. Do you have any goals for this month?


  1. Hi! Great goals!
    I don´t know if you remember, but I commented in the beginning of April that my April goal was to stop obsessive exercising. I´m so sad to tell you that I failed :( I´m still stuck in my anxiety driven obsession to do exercises every 15 minutes and even every second when I´m sitting at lectures or at home I clench my muscles :(
    I failed

    1. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that! :( You need to keep trying, hun :) Things take time, and focus on small changes rather than large once. Try setting a small goal for yourself. For example: I'm going to sit entirely still for 5 whole minutes. After that I can do whatever I want, but those 5 minutes gives the feeling of accomplishment and motivation. Try expanding those minutes by one or two (the more the better) every day. You'll get used to it and see that it won't harm you in any way! Good luck! :)

    2. It is never too late to try again. Make that goal your May goal as well. Dont give up, even if its tough you CAN fight it. Trust me, you need to overcome that fear and anxiety... ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen? Ask yourself what is it that scares you and is holding you back? Decide that you WILL make a change, think about how much better your life will be without an exercise addiction. And ike the anonymous said, start off with small goals... you CAN do it. I believe in you :) Think about how much can change in these next 4 weeks if you start making a change today.

      Write down some goals, find some ways to distract yourself, surround yourself with supporttive and helpful people and know that it may be tough now but it will get easier!

  2. Could you write about intervall training (maybe hill intervals as well :) )

  3. 1. To avoid bingeing every afternoon for the rest of April :)
    2. To drink more water
    3. To ask for help from my teachers and not feel like a) my questions are stupid and annoying and b) I'm wasting their time!
    4. To have more faith in myself!