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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Keep trying - never give up (&long thought/motivational life/school advice!)


I am up early this morning and sitting listening to the birds chirping outside while drinking coffee and eating breakfast! Not a bad way to start the day :)

As mentioned yesterday, i had my last test/assignment for high school and that was my french oral exam. I was super nervous as my grade pretty much relied on this test, but as i dont have anyone who I can speak french with i havent practised how to actually speak the words - just focused on how to answer questions and have some form of basic communication!
  After the exam was over and i had somehow managed to stutter out something anyway even if it took alot of pausing, thinking, blushing!! I then got told i had passed the course! A sigh of relief!!! I am what you would call an 'A' student in all other subjects however languages are not my strong side. When i lived in Ireland i struggled with Irish alot.. and had to get  a tutor to help me (this was also due to the fact that i was rarely in school and so could not speak Irish with anyone). And i have always struggled with French, i really wish that i was good at it... that it came naturally to me. But everyone has things they arent as good at it and the most important thing is that i have worked hard.
     Basically, there was maybe a 60% chance that i would fail the course, something which sounded unimaginable to my ears. I could not fail a course, i was happy even with an E... something i didnt think i would ever say out loud as i put quite alot of pressure on myself to get top grades. But with French, an E was the only goal i had in sight and that meant i have done alot of extra work. During my stressful period with so many other tests and assignments and essays due i have still managed to do my french homework as well as extra french work and put in that extra hour or two here and there.... and it has paid off.
  I could have accepted the fact that I am bad at french, that i will never be good at it and just accept that i would get an F. But nope... i decided to atleast try.... i may not be good, there maybe a whole list of things which i do wrong and might not be able to formulate myself properly in a language which i find very difficult. But the fact that i tried, put in hard work and extra hours is what helped me pass... because the work itself, even if i tried my best it might not have been that great.
But i am super happy that i got an E and my family and boyfriend have been so sweet as they have seen how much work i have put into the course... how i have wanted to just give up and throw the french book away. Refuse to go to the lesson because i disliked it and also all the times i have wanted to cry and felt like a failure because i wasnt good enough. But trying and never giving up is the answer.

This is infact the answer to life as well. Is it always easy?... No, definitely not. There are always things which are harder and bring you down. Times you want to give up.... but then you have to keep trying.
 Just like with strength training.... you have to train the things you are bad at, not just train the things you are good at.
 That itself is a strength... because lets admit it, we all like to do the things we are good at. I would prefer to do other things with my time, things i am good at, than to sit and study something which i cant seem to understand. But you have to keep trying and eventually it will give results!!!

So this is my motivation for the day...... If things are tough, keep going. Keep trying harder. We all have our struggles, big or small, there are things which weigh a person down and can make life tough. But that doesnt mean you just give up you try a little harder, try to make things better... even if it takes weeks or months!

And also... with school, i know its stressful and tough. You want to get good grades, but grades arent everything.... even if you fail a course or dont get the grade you want you can still succeed in life. You can still get the job you want or go the university course you want.... Or if you create your own job you might not even need those grades. School is tough and there is alot of pressure and stress - you are so focused on grades, but there are more things in life than that as well. Think of all the people who have dropped out of school and still become successful. People who havent gone to university and still become successful.... not that i am promoting this. But i am just mentioning it - to calm you as well as myself down - and to know that we dont really know the future or what will happen. All we can do is to try our best and work a little harder when necessary!!


  1. great message! well done on passing your french exam that's awesome! I also find languages very difficult, do you speak Swedish too? xo

    1. Thank you :) Yes i am fluent in Swedish :)