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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

James Bond theme class party!

Good morning!!

Its Tuesday and i'm hoping its going to be a good day! Its started in a good way anyway with a walk with my dog and a delicious breakfast, of course! Also the fact that i don't start school until 13.45 and don't need to go to school early to study!! So i can do whatever i want this morning!!

This evening however i am having my 'class party' which is a Swedish tradition. It's not a prom, but people dress up, according to the theme of the party - and my class chose James Bond! Though other themes which classes have are.... Disney characters, 60's, Something begin with a certain letter, glitter etc etc
  All graduating classes have their class party but at different times so that you can sell tickets to other graduating students (or friends/younger family!)

Before the party begins though there will be a dinner at the club where each student brings someone with them.... a family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend etc I'm going to bring my mum with me, and then when the party starts my boyfriend will come!
  During the dinner there will be photos/videos shown, maybe some form of speeches and also this fun swedish tradition where everyone in the class has been titled something... such as 'the class fashionista', 'the class diva' or 'the classes crazy dog lady' etc The titles have been decided as a class for the person (But the person themselves dont know what they have been titled until this evening!) So i dont know what i have been titled but i am guessing it will be something like, The class gymrat or the Class runner!
  Something along those lines as i am known as the active one! So i guess you'll get to know tomorrow what i was nominated as!! :)

Then after dinner the chairs and tables will be moved and soon the guests will start arriving and it will be dancing until the tiredness kicks in! Not sure how long i will last but as its my own classparty, i guess i dont want to leave too early!! :)

Ive got my outfit sorted and i am super happy about it... even if its not 'super James Bond', it will be an outift i feel happy in and can dance in!! There are so many different outfit routes you can go!!

You will see mine this evening :)

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