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Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's all mental - First half marathon - 2nd May 2015

Sitting down, getting some food into me and high on endorphines! All the nerves passed when i stood at the start line surrounded by all the other runners. All i felt was energy and adrenaline, ready to go. Ready to run and do the thing i love most - Run!!

So how did it go? Well it was concrete for pretty much 21km and around 700m of 'forest'. I was worried about the concrete as it can hurt my knees but it went well and my knees didnt hurt at all, though i got cramps in my calves as well as a cramp in my stomach by 14km which lasted until 18km, but i pushed through it reminding myself that soon it was the finish line and i cant give up.
  There were LOTS of up and downhills and the first 15km the uphills went fine i just kep reminding myself what goes up must come down, but after 15km i had to walk the hills as they were so steep! All i can say is Train hill intervals!! And if you dont have the right technique, google and watch youtube videos which will help you to 'save' energy so that you can continue running afterwards!!

It felt awesome to run, it was so much fun! I had periods of 'I want to die - i dont want to run anymore' and other times where i was like 'I love this so much, the best thing in the world!'. It was so much fun though :):) Loved it and yes i will definitely run another half marathon again, though for now i will need like 2 weeks rest before i run again. Have cramps and pain in my whole body :(

Now its rest time and lots of water as well as replenishing with food :) And i promise that i will be back to posting more helpful posts next week!! This weekend i dont really have the time for it, but i know you understand :) For now its life, friends, family and studying that counts this weekend!

P.s running pictures will come later - my step dad took some. So will be exciting to see them :)

I hope you all have a lovely day and a great weekend,  i wil update as soon as i get a chance!

P.s leave topics which you want me to write about ;)

^Pre race


  1. Congratulation!! This is wonderful and Im so proud. Its a very good time for 21km!! I wish you a good Resttime :)
    I run next week my first 5km run^^ Could you write when do you eat your last meal bevor you are running? I wont get stomach but i will get enough strengh for the run :)

    1. *Stomach hurt

    2. Thank you so much!! :) Ohh good luck with your run!! I ate breakfast 90 minutes before my run and then rice cakes and chocolate 20 minutes before i began, but i got a cramp after 80 minutes running because usually i dont eat anything too big before my runs - that is just my personal preference.

      5km isnt too long of a run so i would suggest eating something with carbs and protein (and some healthy fats) 60-90 minutes before your run :) You can always try eating some rice cakes or a banana 30 minutes before your run as well as those are light and will give you quick eneergy!

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  4. Grattis! Du är super duktig!
    Skulle du inte kunna skriva mer om hur man blir frisk från anorexia. Hur man tacklar dumma tankar? Jag blir jämt dum mot mig själv när jag ser människor som är byggda som "pinnar" och är super smala och jag inte är det. När jag var som sjukast var jag inte ens så smal som vissa är. Vill inte klanka ner på mig själv med sånna tankar. Alla är fina som de är och kroppen är fantastisk. Men hur kommer jag bort från tanken "åh vad orättvis att hon får vara byggd så smal och liten och jag inte är det".

    Kan du inte skriva lite mer om hur man äter med balans enligt dig. Typ choklad, nötter, kyckling, pasta etc.

    1. Tack så mycket!! :) Ja det kan jag försöka göra :)

  5. Congrats Izzy! What an achievement. You have come so far from the days when you weren't allowed to exercise at all. One day I hope that I will be completely free of my anorexia and have the fantastic relationship that you now have with your body. I know you still feel insecure about your body sometimes but this doesnt make you restrict in anyway. You show us all that as long as you nurture your body and give it the respect it deserves it will look after you in return. You are so strong, both mentally and physically and a huge inspiration.
    <3 karly xx

    1. Thank you so much!! Stay strong and keep fighting for health and recovery. It may be tough but it will get better, you need to keep fighting for your goal. Make changes that will bring you towards health and happiness - dont give up!!

  6. Congrats !! Soon you ll be in marathonian family !! Sorry for my bad english ! peace fron France ! Ced

    1. haha, not sure if i will ever be able to run a marathon.. but never say never!! And your english is great :)