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Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to have a good Saturday morning

Good morning everyone, or maybe afternoon I should say as its past 12pm! Though as this is a scheduled post its still 'morning' :)

At 7.30am the sun was shining into the room and made it hard to keep sleeping so i got up and decided to take a walk in the sunshine. I turned on a podcast and enjoyed the sun shining down on me.... it was warm enough to go bare armed which was nice! Though i am most probably going to get slightly tanned arms and everything else will be white/pale!! :)

When i came home from my walk i saw that my boyfriend had been to the shop and bought some of my favourite things i.e strawberries, salted nuts, croissants as well as chocolate and a Nocca drink!! Imagine my surprise :) Sooo sweet! As i like to say, the way to my heart is through food.. and i think my boyfriend has realised that! :) hahah

It was definitely a good start to the day and now i am sitting with a very full stomach as i ate all the strawberries (My boyfriend doesnt like them), peanut butter, lots of nuts as well as left overs from yesterdays taco dinner and more! haha. But it will set me up for the day because today i am going to get my hair cut.... after roughly 1,5 years without cutting my hair. Its safe to say that my hair is one big mess and is desperate need of fixing! And also going to buy a few necessities for my graduation!
Then the rest of the afternoon i will see what i do and this evening i am going to a friends house to watch the Eurovision with my group of friends!! I havent followed any of the semi finals and i dont even know which song Sweden have (XD) but its been a tradition to watch the Eurovision and i love it :) 

This morning has been wonderful, to wake up beside the person who makes me happy and the sun is shining, i have gotten fresh air, eaten a delicious breakfast and this evening its time with my friends and buying dinner out as well as snacks infront of the eurovision. Sounds like a good day right?
   Its these types of moments which make the sadness go away and makes life worth living... like i wrote yesterday, its the small things in life. Not just work/school, but all these small special moments which matter and make life special!!! :)

I hope you all have a lovely day, are you going to watch the Eurovision this evening? :)


  1. I think that sweden is going to win today, there is just no other way:D

  2. Glad your having a good day! the pictures from your walk look beautiful. x

    1. It is very beautiful there :) I love when the sun shines :)

  3. Those photos from your walk are so beautiful and you are positively glowing with radiance, you look sublime! And to return to a delicious breakfast, what a treat for you! You have a wonderful boyfriend giving you a great surprise like that! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and the Eurovision later on! Xxx

    1. Thank you :):) I hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Too bad Germany didnt won 😌 Sweden was pretty good though! :)))