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Friday, May 22, 2015

Helpful posts for eating disorder recovery - MASTERPOST

I have recently gotten alot of emails regarding food... what to eat, how much, how much is ok to eat, about extreme hunger, binging, how many calories to eat etc etc

And instead of having to reply individually to all of those emails with the same questions i thought i would link to loads of my old posts regarding some of these topics so that you might find the advice there :)

But first thing:
1) There should be a gradual increase of calories during recovery i.e eating low calories wont help you
2) There is a difference between extreme hunger and binging. It can be hard to tell the difference but its good to try to figure it out because binging is NOT good and that is not healthy either. Even during weight gain you shouldnt be binging, you should be eating a certain amount in meals throughout the day. Not uncontrolled binges.
3) Yes you can eat more chocolate/candy/ice cream/crisps etc in recovery
4) Dont be afraid of calories or calorie increases, they are HELPING YOU. Its energy which your body needs. If you need to gain weight then INCREASING your calories is going to do you alot of good.
5) Eating 1500kcal a day and running for an hour a day while trying to gain weight is going to mess things up for you. REST while in recovery until you are close to your healthy weight.
6) Your body should find it's healthy set point if you have been doing things in a healthy way. I.e not restricting but still gaining weight and not binging. If you keep gaining weight despite having reached a healthy weight then go to a doctor or dietician.
7)I recommend EVEYRONE to go to a dietician to help get a meal plan made for THEM and THEIR bodies needs. Dont copy what i ate in recovery, the meals plan are posted as a way to show you how much and what i ate but that was for MY bodies needs.

I can not answer every question individually as i get so mnay questions each day and most of them are very similar. But i have spent HOURS writing posts about different topics and all the posts below arent even all of them but i have spent an hour making this post and finding all my previous posts. So PLEASE do look here for information!! And feel free to share this post or let me know if you found this post useful :):)
  And i hope it helps!!!

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  2. Wow. So many posts. You really are amazing!! Thank you for your blog and all you do. You ate really helping me.

    1. Naaw thank you so much, that is so sweet of you :)