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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fresh hair, Gumball (Sweden) and shopping

The title descirbes my afternoon in 3 words - mostly anyway!

After my delicious breakfast my boyfriend and I headed into town and were joined by one of my boyfriends' friends and his girlfriend. The 3 of them headed into 'Gamla Stan' where Gumball 3000 (read more about it HERE - wikipedia link) - and all the cars planning to drive from Stockholm to Las Vegas were parked there. My boyfriend is a bit of a car fanatic to say the least (and im learning alot from him!! His passion to cars is the equivalent to my passion of exercise and working out!). So they went to look at the cars while i went to get my hair cut (and i think this is one of the first times where i have felt happy after getting my hair cut!! Maybe its because im much more mature now? But also i am happy with it... its so fresh after way too long of dry and too long hair!) and then shopping. My aim was to get the necessities for my graduation which i have done and then i also found a few other things which i decided to buy... with a little guilty feelings and wanting to return them all 5 seconds after buying them. But i reminded myself, its ok to buy things for myself. These are items which i will use and actually need - considering that i have been using the same 3 or 4 tops for way too long. So i needed new tops as well as the other things i bought (which i will post tomorrow!). So trying to remind myself of that and not feel bad for spending money on things for myself.... Its a learning process!!

When i had finished with all of that i met my boyfriend and his friends at McDonalds before I joined them to look at the cars. (pictures below!)

Then home for a snack and to rest up before i head to my friends house (which makes me now realise that i should be leaving soon! XD) where we are going to order Indian take away and watch the Eurovision!!! :)


  1. I'd like to see the things you bought :) happy that you had a nice day

  2. Hey, tell afterwards what you thought of the Eurovision, which your favourites were and so on!
    - Katriina

  3. Does your boyfriend asks why do you take pictures of your food when you eat together?
    Just a curios question:)
    And congrats for the Eurovision!

    1. hahaha, i was actually going to write about this! At first he was just like 'what' but now he knows that i do it sometimes. Not for all meals just sometimes and so far he hasnt asked why...? So i must seem super strange!! XD

  4. Oh my gosh, those cars are BEAUTIFUL. So jealous!

  5. Those cars are cool, what an opportunity for you to see them! Your hair looks gorgeous too. I can't wait to see what you bought for yourself, I'm so happy that you treated yourself, you deserve it after all the hard work you've put into studying for your exams. X