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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Feeling tired and unmotivated - how to create your energy to live life!

I feel like I don't have enough energy or strength in me to live life. How do you find time to walk your dog early mornings, go to class, go to the gym a few times a week, see your boyfriend, write so many blog posts and have time for yourself left and you're able to cope with everything and be happy?? I feel like I want to do so many things that I love but I have to sacrifice some of it because I simply don't have the energy. Everything drains me. If I spend more than an hour talking to people I am exhausted, after class all day my brain is fried, I don't even have the energy to cook myself proper meals so I just drink a supplement shake instead. Never mind still having time or energy for going to the gym or walking my dogs or seeing my family... Any advice??

The funny thing is that when i read this post i was lying in bed feeling completely unmotivated and tired - though i had been lying in bed for the past 2 or 3 hours. Its only 8.30pm and i was ready to just go to bed, skip writing a post because i felt too tired to do it. But then suddenly after reading your comment i got a burst of energy!!
  So what gives me my energy? Motivation, positivity and food. Because the truth is, if i didnt eat as much as i do i wouldnt be able to workout so often as i do... because yes, i do workout often and it does happen that i do both cardio and strength in one day. I also study and work hard the hours i am in school as well as several hours after school! However similar to the person who commented - i am an introvert and so spending too much time with people can drain my energy and i then recharge by being on my own. Which is pretty much what i have done today... i havent been very social and have turned off social media this evening as i just didnt have the energy for it. But with my boyfriend and my friends they give me energy, i enjoy spending time with them and they make me happy. Though i do of course need my breaks!! XD

I would suggest that you look over your daily life, what you are doing and what you need to do. Are you sleeping enough each day? Eating enough? Try adding in an extra snack or some green tea/caffeine or extra water as well as some extra carbs as that can give you energy. Take a powernap after school if that helps and then maybe go for a walk or do some meditation or yoga... becauase even if it sounds strange, exercise should give you energy!
   When i was overexercising and on my way to a burn out, then i would feel completely drained after working out. I cancelled alot of plans and missed out on things because i felt so physically and mentally tired. Now when i exercise balanced and listen to my body... i can do a 6.30am morning workout, be in school from 8-4pm, come home and study and then do something in the evening and have energy for it all - feel happy the whole day! Though could i live on 5-6 hours sleep everyday? No i couldnt, but what i wanted to say was that exercise GIVES me energy even if i work hard while exercising - and thats the way it should be!!

Make sure to eat enough. Make sure to get enough sleep. Do something active and maybe start a hobby or make plans with friends... try it and see, it might actually be nice! Think positive, be motivated, be HAPPY. Thats where i get my energy from - my happiness, my positivity. 

Am i always energetic, happy and positive? Definitely not. Right now i am in a stressful phase which = less energy and less motivation. Especially today - most of my day has been spent with the thoughts i dont want. I dont want to. i dont want to. But then i changed those thoughts to positive ones, reminding myself that tomorrow is Wednesday, a new day and soon the stress is over and then i felt more positive and energetic again and felt like i could go out and run a half marathon! (But lying in bed and eating yoghurt was a much better plan!)

Destressing, taking some relaxing 'YOU' time is important as well and can help you feel more energetic. But know that you dont always have to do things... it may sound like i am always doing things, but really my life is super boring and when i say i study 4 hours i mean that like 2,5 hours of it was productive the other 1,5 hours i spend just staring off into space or wondering whether i should get something to eat or not :)


Also on a side note: You could be lacking a certain vitamin, or have something like iron deficinicy or other problems which could be causing your tiredness... such as stress as well. Or if its just a mental tiredness or unmotivatedness - then you can actually do something about it by changing your thoughts and finding your motivation and energy!


  1. I just had to comment on this because becoming more energetic and fuelling my body properly is such a focus for me at the moment. I am recovering from anorexia. I am about a stone and a half heavier than my lowest weight now and, although not yet what would be considered a healthy bmi, I eat very well and am maintaining a much better weight. But until very recently I absolutely shared your thoughts about energy. I used to look at people leaving work at the end of the day going out running or socialising and wonder how they possibly could manage it when I was so exhausted even standing up was too much. And it was only very recently that I had a revelation - it is NOT normal to feel the way I was feeling. It was me that was the exception, not everyone else. And despite reassuring myself that I was eating better, I knew that really I was not eating enough of the right things to fuel my recovering body properly.
    So, despite it being really so scary, I made some changes - I swapped the rice cakes I was having at lunch for proper bread, I swapped the mountains of fruit I was eating for fruit loaf and I swapped the drink calories (lots of alpro and non-dairy milk!) for nuts. And do you know what? I started to feel more energetic and it was absolutely so lovely I can't explain it!
    My energy levels still fluctuate now because I don't always get it right. I absolutely understand how worrying it is to try and defeat the anorexic voice telling you you shouldn't have more and I still get worried on days where I am suddenly so tired but I know it means my body is crying out for more fuel. More food. Better food. And when I defeat the voice and give my body what it wants, feeling energetic is just the most wonderful feeling ever! I can run miles now, join in with socialising and conversations and just generally feel more connected with the world.
    So, if you are in a similar position to me I really really urge you to just give it a go. It will be scary to eat more but it doesn't have to mean eating unhealthily (which scares me!). Just better. Food is fuel and it is so so worth it to feel well. And without doubt, the better our bodies feel the better our brains feel. So the initial step is scary but when my body feels well, the anorexic voice is defeated! I think it will be the same for lots of others too.
    Sorry for the essay (!) but I just want to encourage anyone who feels so lacking in energy that putting one foot in front of the other is exhausting (like I did!), that food is your friend and having energy is just THE BEST!

    Good luck :-)

    1. Yes food = more energy! And even if its scary it will help :) I am proud of you making these changes :):) And dont be scared of foods with sugar - everything in moderation!!! So enjoy that cookie or chocolate or something if you want it :):)

  2. I'm experiencing the same problem... I mean..i do exercise, go to school, walk a lot, and other stuff, but mostly of the time I know that all the energy ( which it is not a lot ) that keeps me go on it is not physical or real energy, but mental force that give me the possibilities to do all the things that I do.
    I wake up very early in the morning, I prepare all my stuff, I take the bus to go to school, I walk to arrive to school, I have 6 hours of class, I come back home, I have to prepare me lunch ( which it is also a mental stress ), I have to study, I workout, I have a shower and right after that I have to follow a healthy group that I create in my village, to have a 4 km powerwalk. And then when I come back home, I have to make dinner! The problem is that I could make all the things that I do, so much better and with more energy, but I cant and I just do all that stuff with half of my possibilities...

  3. Thanks for answering Izzy. I know I need to eat more and that I am quite a few kilograms away from a healthy BMI but sometimes I'm so busy I just do,'t have the time to cook a proper meal and in the evenings I have no desire to eat at all. I think if I had easy to make, simple but still nutritious and that are frequent small snacks. I just have no idea what though... I feel like I just can't cope with such a fast-paced life, always in hyperdrive.

    1. Things like nuts, rawfood bars, granola bars, protein bars, home made scones/muffins/cupcakes etc, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered dried fruit, fruit, granola, cereal (dry) are all good snacks to have with you. You might need to priortize smaller but more frequent meals throughout the day. Or try meal prepping so that you can just take out a foodbox and heat it up for dinner, that can help you. Because its important to eat enough to fuel yourself properly!!!

  4. This was a really helpful post, I have been feeling very low in energy lately and I used to be like you getting up early, exercising, studying, walking etc, I do think i have some nutrient deficiencies though so will be getting a blood test soon!