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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Feeling jealous over others

It is easy to feel jealous over other peoples lives and bodies. Thinking that everyone else is so much better than yourself, that everyone else has perfect lives and bodies. But also feeling jealous of those who are 'naturally skinny'. I personally get quite a bit of hate online (on my blog and email) because i am 'naturally skinny' or only look the way and eat the way i do because i work out. But i think that is just being judgmental and is signs of a not so healthy relationship with yourself. Because personally, i dont care how others look. Whether they are bigger or small than me, whether they have a thigh gap or six pack or small waist or more curves. Everyone is individual, but when you have a sick mind it is very easy to become judgmental and be very self critical and become jealous over other peoples bodies.

When you hate yourself you begin to hate others as well, you hate people  who look the way you wish you looked or hate people who seem to have 'the perfect' life... and then you begin hating yourself even more because you are jealous and just feel bad about yourself. But you need to stop that black circle at once and begin with loving yourself.

Instead of looking at others - those who are skinnier than you or naturally skinny or look the way you wished you look. Decide to see those people and think, They are them and I am me. I can not look like them, just like they can not look like me. It doesnt matter whether i lose 10kg or gain 10kg, i wont look like someone else. All i can do is try to find the healthiest and happiest version of me, whatever that may be. But i can also tell you that you wont find your happy and healthy you while hating yourself and comparing yourself to others

It is helpful to focus on the things you like about yourself - you may feel like there is nothing about yourself that you like. But that is wrong, there is something... and if not, then find something. Even if it is fake in the beginning, think positively about yourself. Not just your body but your personality, your characteristics, your hobbies, interests, things you are good at. Compliment yourself, smile and try to feel happy in your own body and life.

Each time you begin to feel jealous over someone else then take a deep breathe and remind yourself that you are you and they are them. Everyone looks different,there are people who are naturally skinny and others who are naturally bigger and you know what... Who cares? What does it matter? Being skinny DOESNT make you better, prettier, smarter, more loved or anything. Body size is just your body size based on DNA and lifestyle among other things.

Focus on YOU, that is the best thing you can do. Dont walk around with loads of self hate and hate towards others. It will make you bitter and angry.

You are beautiful as you are, whether you believe it or not. Find your own health and happiness and forget what others are doing. The best thing is to know what is good for yourself.

Focus your energy towards loving yourself instead of hating others!


  1. I don't know, but these days you post exactly the right things for me. Although I can find in nearly EVERY post something helpful. You are doing such a valuable thing with your blog. You can be REALLY proud of what you are creating with it!

  2. <3 this was so helpful, thanks so much Izzy <3 i am constantly comparing myself to others and wishinmg that i had what they have and it always makes me feel like a really bad person, and hate myself even more. :( x