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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eurovision 2015

Hello!! :)

I can't not write about the Eurovision this year, especailly considering that Sweden won!! There was a high chance that Sweden might win but i didnt think they would (Oopps... i mean of course Sweden would win XD).

I havent followed any of the semi finals so i didnt know which songs the different countries had, so it was exciting to see them all yesterday! And as i am someone who has watched the ESC every year since i was old enough to remember i can say that there was a suprising amount of 'normalness' and ok talent. Because lets admit it... ESC is a bit cheesy and the music just isnt that good most of the time. But this year it was like i was waiting for someone to start doing something a little more crazy or start singing about a cat or a hat!!
  As i have so many international readers i dont want to talk about songs i didnt like but my top 5 were ´: Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Norway and Russia.

The thing about Eurovision is that it is supposed to be a way of making Europe closer, a way for Europeans to come together. But its all very political which was duly noted during yesterdays show and voting! A few months ago i wrote an essay about the ESC and its affect on nationalism and how political it is even if it claims to not be.

Anyway, moving on from that! I didnt actually get to see the final as i had booked a taxi for 00.40 as it said the show would be over 00.30.. and i didnt think about the fact that it usually goes over time. So 5 minutes before Sweden won - and in the middle of the tense voting/Point announcing - i had to jump into the taxi! Though the Swedish commentators were on the radio so i could atleast smile and know that Sweden had won even if i wasnt watching it! Typical though... i mean you want to see when the winner is announced and see them perform. Thats the best part, but nope... thats the part i miss!! hahah

Anyway, what did you think of the show if you watched it? Is anyone interested in coming to Sweden for next years ESC? :)
I am hoping they will have the competition in Stockholm because then i live close to the arena where it will likely be held!! XD

Below you see Swedens winning song!
Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes


  1. Even though it really ripped my nerves when Italy just didn't get there after the first scores, I've now reached peace with your victory even though I found Heroes quite ordinary. It would be cool to get there for the ESC in 2016 but it's a busy time of the year, so no. Shame, though, as the distance is very narrow.
    - Katriina

    1. haha, yeah Italy was pretty good but i am glad that Sweden won!! :) The eurovision songs usually arent that great, but it was an ok song!!