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Friday, May 22, 2015

Dont wake up with yesterdays troubles - each day is a new try

Good morning :)

It's Friday and the school week of week 21 is almost over! It's gone quickly, scarily quick but at the same time i can barely remember what i did on Monday!

Anyway at the moment i am feeling super duper tired - mentally anyway. I feel like the bunny in the picture below and i would like to just jump back into bed right now.

But today i definitely can't do that as i have my oral maths exam first thing this morning!! But i can atleast comfort myself with the fact that i finish alot earlier than usual today!! I've got a few things to do after school but hopefully time for a power nap before i then go to my boyfriends house! I have yet to try running to his place, but that will have to wait until another time.... but someday i am going to do it because it isnt that far away as you just sort of run in a forest for most part of it!!

Anyway, before i start writing about many different things because my mind is scattered and tired i am going to just end it here so it doesnt become some meaningless babble! Instead, i wish you all a happy Friday!!! :) Have a great day!


  1. Well if you could find the time to run even a little bit, I think that it would be a good help for your stress right now. Maybe it is not a bad idea running to your boyfriend place 😉 have a good day!

    1. I am running ;);) though at the moment it's mostly intervals at the gym and also powerwalking! It's a great mood booster, not feeling so stressed at the moment! :)

  2. Have a good day Izzy! :) ♥

    1. Thank you!! :) I hope you have a great week!

  3. Izzy where do you find such cute pics <3 i hope you had a great day and good luck with the exam! xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a good week!